You Can Miss Your Chances & Still Choose to Rise up to Opportunities

Life offers more than one way.

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We all know what it’s like to wonder about the chances that we missed, and the ways things would have been different if we, in some way had approached things differently.

Sometimes, it is not just us who could have done things differently, but circumstances and other external variables that were not in our favor, for some unexplainable (or explainable) reasons.

We all might have missed our chances once or several times, in one or many different ways, throughout the course of our lives, and that is what makes this experience both, individual and collective.

However, what we label as “missed”, is more than an ending that we experience;

It is a subtle sign to rise up to opportunities that present thereafter, so that we can work in all the right ways, to experience a beginning that we have always craved.

We might have the ability to approach an opportunity in one way at a given time, but that doesn’t mean that it was the only opportunity we ever had, to make things work.

If we truly want to experience something, we will begin to treat the things that do not work in our favor, as mere obstacles and not endings altogether.

The truth is, when it comes to the things that add meaning and value to our lives, we do not give up on the goal altogether;

Rather we end up learning and figuring out more than one way to get to that goal, when one way fails us.

We miss our chances at times, because it is only through such misses that we can learn to equip ourselves with the tools needed to rise up to opportunities that present themselves thereafter.

Life was never meant to offer us misses, without showing us what we must be doing to not miss it again;

We just have to be willing to see through.

Yes, you could have missed your chance at something you really wanted, and that’s exactly why this is the only time you have, to prepare yourself, so that you have all it takes to rise up to the next opportunity that makes its way to you!




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