Your Patience Is an Asset


Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

What’s an asset? Something that repays you over time, right? So arguably, patience is an asset, yeah? Because it benefits you in the long run. You’ve just got to learn to know when to use this asset.

Writing has taught me a lot about this too. Sometimes when you don’t have an idea on what to write, and instead of getting frustrated and turning off the computer, you give it a minute or two, and ideas start coming in.

Or is it in crypto when a coin doesn’t moon as quickly as you expected, so you get tempted to sell it, but luckily you waited till the next day and it 10Xed?

Even in relationships with people. There are times when you’ll be visibly frustrated because the next person isn’t acting as sharp as you expect, but instead of lashing out at them and possibly hurting the relationship, you give them time to get up to speed.

There are many ways being patient can benefit you; you’ve just got to learn to employ it.

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