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Less fees, less work, and more giving with NFT Giving powered by ChangeDAO

I joined ChangeDAO as Spokesartist and member of the Core Team about a year ago, with a desire to build an NFT Marketplace that made it easier for Changemakers and artists to maximize their social impact with NFTs.

Giving back should be easy, especially with blockchain technology. But it is not.

As an NFT artist, I have experienced first-hand how difficult it has been to donate money to a charity through the sale of my NFTs; grinding through multiple steps is time-consuming and multiple-party transaction fees reduce the total amount of money I get to give to a cause at the end of the day.

I believe that artists in my community are being held back from giving even more because of all the time and energy it takes to do so.

The problems had to be solved from the ground up to meet the needs of Changemakers. I am pleased to say that while there’s still work to be done, we have achieved our first goal of creating a simple way for Changemakers to give back to the causes they care about with their NFTs with less fees, less work and more giving.

NFT marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain derive revenue by taking a percentage of the sales of NFTs sold in their marketplace. These fees vary by platform, but are on average about 10 percent. ChangeDAO’s platform fees are 2 percent. But even moreso, the recipient cause(s) get their revenue directly from the project smart contract so they have instant access to the funds.

NFT artists are leveraging their digital assets as a force for change by donating proceeds from the sale of their NFTs to causes they care about. This typically involves multiple steps and intermediaries, meaning more time and effort is required from the Changemaker. ChangeDAO simplified this into one step for a Changemaker; the smart contracts were designed specifically to support NFT Giving and the Changemaker spends their time making those choices and letting the Ethereum blockchain do the work.

With lower fees and less work required to deliver an NFT Giving project, I believe we have removed a lot of the friction and stress out of giving back. The hard work can now be spent on choosing the right causes to uplift and creating extraordinary work that elevates the message.

Are you curious to learn how NFT Giving powered by ChangeDAO works? My colleagues and I have put together a fun-ish workshop on NFT Giving for Changemakers, Nonprofits, Social Impact DAOs, and Artists looking to learn more about NFT Giving, and I would love to hear your ideas about leveraging your NFTs as a force for change.


Bryan Brinkman is a Digital Artist, Changemaker, and ChangeDAO Spokesartist and Core Team member. His art has been featured on Art Blocks Curated, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway.

You are solely responsible for determining what, if any, taxes, or tax benefits, apply to your transactions. ChangeDAO is not responsible for determining the taxes or tax benefits that apply to your NFTs or the tax deductibility of any transactions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL CHANGEDAO BE DEEMED TO BE PROVIDING TAX ADVICE. ChangeDAO makes no claims about the identity, legitimacy, and authenticity of charitable organizations and causes associated with the Service and the tax deductibility of any funds that you may direct to such organizations or causes. ChangeDAO does not provide evidence of charitable contributions and You should contact such organizations for all receipts and evidence of contributions that you may require.



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