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As Web3 Pioneers, We Must Ensure All Stakeholders Collaborate Now Regardless of Interest or Knowledge of Tech

David All
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Web3 technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and measure social impact. However, it can also be a barrier for many stakeholders who may not have the same level of understanding or interest in the tech. In order to unlock the full potential of Web3, we need to bridge this gap and make it more accessible to everyone — from members of the United National General Assembly to community organizers in Compton and Chevy Chase to street artists in São Paulo.

One of the learnings from working in multiple cities and industries over the past two decades are the commonalities — there are more similarities versus differences. In particular, as a person that has made changemaking my life’s purpose, I have always attracted conversations around purpose and the genuine need for making an impact in one’s community and the world around them.

When I’m talking with anyone — and I mean anyone — about the impact they do or hope to make — it helps to have some baseline understanding of the terms and phrases or “industry lingo” that is used. The entry-point for any system, whether a new technology or a civic institution — is understanding the lingo.

CHANGEgrid Establishes a Simple Way to Organize Projects

By providing a simple grid with common terms and phrases that are familiar to some and easily understood by all, CHANGEgrid can start to connect the dots, drive collaboration, and create consensus around social impact through art with diverse stakeholders.

Each stakeholder can connect to what matters as subject matter experts and will contribute to make their contribution in it better. And beyond that, being an authentic stakeholder means you’re supposed to be there which creates a bit of authority in representation. In my own work changemaking, my work is making sure all the right people are at the table and generally getting out of the way of experts to bring their ideas to life together. The camaraderie among diverse stakeholders is a new kind of bonding that is resilient and often grows beyond the engagement.

With a clear and simple planning canvas, we can make even more impact possible and work together toward a better world for all.

This tool also provides practical application to engage new stakeholders. For example, today video artist Marissa Sher used the CHANGEgrid to help her community join in her story of social impact by identifying the missing piece in her story, a Web3-ready cause for her Climate Change drop for Earth Day.

I personally shared this graphic with various stakeholders to follow-up on conversations around a large nonprofit that might want to engage with us, a strategic partner building community in Climate Change and their need to connect to the artist, and here I am sharing it with you — and I bet you have an extremely good idea of what Marissa’s project is all about — how it drives social impact for climate change.

CHANGEgrid Bridges Stakeholders to the Same Page

Let’s also examine how the CHANGEgrid can apply to previous drops. The recent Awaken Your Inner Child project by the Inner Children artist collective is an exciting case study to review.

This project, led by artist Bryan Brinkman and Web3 core community leader Rizzle, brought together 27 artists in support of the nonprofit Upbring. The project raised more than $10,000 in less than 30 minutes, showcasing the potential of art and Web3 to create real-world impact.

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Here’s Awaken Your Inner Child in a CHANGEgrid:

With CHANGEgrid, we can unlock the full potential of Web3 technology and art to create positive change in the world by creating a common and familiar playing field for all stakeholders. CHANGEgrid keeps it simple, requires no prior knowledge of the technology and elevates what matters most to stakeholders across the globe clearly.

If you are working in Web3 social impact or would like to create a drop for your community, reach out. And feel free to use this tool or create one similar to bring your Web3 social impact projects to life!

Let’s cooperate and come together and use the power of art and Web3 to make a genuine difference in the world. Start by speaking the same language and getting on the same page — and let the magic of collaboration take any impact project to the next level.



David All
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