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Share Your Light — gm Coffee for Change recap

With NFT.NYC in the rear-view mirror, it’s important to reflect back on the meaningful connections that were made, the inspiring stories that were told, and the demonstrations highlighting how NFTs are truly a Force for Change™.

Elevating Changemakers. We had the privilege of hosting our third Gm Coffee for Change during NFT.NYC, and elevating the stories of 6 incredible Changemakers:

This moment in change would not have been possible without the amazing team at NFTGo; and a special thank you to the pioneering Postmasters Gallery for hosting the event. It was an incredible opportunity to bring the community together, to engage in meaningful dialogue on change, and for every member of the ChangeDAO community to share their light.

One story at a time. What makes gm Coffee so special, is that it allows the community to take part in each Changemaker’s unique story of change. Panelist Kevork Mourad made a special physical artwork for those in attendance to rip off a piece, fractionalizing it so to speak, as proof of their engagement in this moment of change.

Share your light. To honor the event, ChangeDAO’s NFT Marketplace for Change launched on Ethereum’s Mainnet with the launch of the Share Your Light NFT created by Changemaker and artist soulmonsta. Soulmonsta said, “This NFT is not just about the artwork, but about the event. The event is a collaborative work of the entire team + volunteers + contributors + speakers, all who identify with ChangeDAO’s mission.”

In addition to being able to mint this no-cost NFT, attendees also received a physical morale badge of the artwork. You can mint your own no-cost Share Your Light NFT HERE.

Posted by David All. David is the Founder and CEO of ChangeDAO. He is a Changemaker and storyteller who has worked for organizations including Google, Burning Man, and Better Business Bureau.



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