Why is the former CEO of DHL backing this project?

With an abundance of “groundbreaking” ideas populating the fintech scene, investors are increasingly looking for strong validation from business leaders and industry veterans. This means not only having a “big name” advisor on a website, but to actually look at their skin in the game.

Roger Crook, former CEO of DHL

A key strategic advisor for Change is Roger Crook, former CEO of DHL, the global logistics company. To set the standard of transparency with our community, we believe its important to understand why our advisors have chosen to back us. Below is an interview with Roger Crook, conducted on September 1st 2017.

How are you associated with Change project? How did you choose this project?

When I first met Kristjan, the founder of Change, about 18 months ago, I was inspired by him as a person and then he told me about Change. I was extremely excited about it. I thought this was an amazing project.

Why are you backing this project?

I’m backing this project because I think that it’s got an extremely good future. I mean, it’s the team behind it, Kristjan the founder, are exceptional people. They’re smart, they’re young, they’re energetic, they’ve been extremely well educated, and they’ve got so much drive, so much passion, to make this a success. I have no doubt that this business is going to thrive and grow global over the coming years. So for me it’s extremely exciting to be just a little part of it by backing it and supporting the team.

How does your expertise help this concept go forward?

Another strength of the Change team is that they also know what they don’t know. Change will grow globally, which means they will suffer growing pains, like any company. Having managed DHL, a global company with 15+ billion dollars in revenue and 20+ thousand people, I can coach the team on challenges that they’re going to meet as they grow. This includes rapid expansion, different jurisdictions, which are problems I’ve already faced in my life, thus I can help them offset and avoid these.

What is exciting about this space in your opinion?

This is the future. It’s change. Change as a company is unique and this is a revolution we’re going through right now in FinTech and cryptocurrencies.

They really are building tomorrow, today. And for anybody being part of tomorrow, its exciting.