Changelly’s Black Friday: Create EOS account for Free!

We’re trying to do our best to provide a seamless exchange of the most trustful crypto assets within just a few clicks for you, guys. EOS is one of such assets. But as you probably know EOS is not as simple as the other altcoins as it implies the creation of EOS account.

To make it easier for you to exchange EOS on Changelly, we integrated the option of creating EOS account as one of the steps during the swap.

What is EOS account

EOS account is a human-readable name that stores on the blockchain. An account is required to transfer or otherwise push a transaction to the blockchain. And yet it consists of three main components:

  • EOS account name
    Every account name is 12 characters long, containing the characters a-z and 1–5. Also, the account name can be created by its owner.
  • The Public key
    The Public key is called so as it can be shared within the community freely, it acts as a user’s home address to receive tokens or transactions of different calibres. Public EOS keys always begin with “EOSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. Though the public key can be generated automatically by Changelly, we recommend our users to create a unique public key by themselves using official tools. It will be pegged to the private key which enables access to EOS account.
  • The Private key
    The private key is generated automatically by the service. Private keys are only known to the owner of the account. It allows the owner of the public key to send and receive tokens. It acts as the “password” for the users EOS account. We recommend keeping this key offline for its safety, as in most cases it is not required to do things on the EOS network. Please don’t forget to copy your private key, in case you have generated the public key via our service

Why Create EOS Account on Changelly

To motivate our users a little to purchase some EOS for crypto we’re launching an outstanding promo:

Starting from Monday, November 19th till Sunday 25th, when exchanging any crypto for EOS on Changelly, you get EOS account free of charge!

As the promo finishes the price of EOS account will be around 0,6 EOS including the staking price.

How to Create an Account

The process of creating EOS account on Changelly includes further actions:

  • When you get to the “Enter addresses” step of the exchange process open “Create account” tab.
    You can either choose a random name for your EOS account or create a name by yourself. When start entering the name by yourself you can let the service finish it for you.
  • Generate your public key. As it was mentioned above, you can either press the “Generate key” button or use proper tools specialized for that purpose.
  • The private key will be generated automatically by Changelly. Please don’t forget to copy your private key, in case you have generated the public key via our service as you will need it to enter your EOS account.
  • Press “Next step” to continue the exchange.

Remember, crypto astronaut, you have one week to get your free EOS account! Be generous and spread this article among your partners-in-cryptocrime! Or just share the link with them.

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