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We all know how new technologies make our lives easier. Especially, when it comes to means for managing your cryptos. We at Changelly are so excited to work with other teams and participate in making cryptocurrency market easy and friendly place for everyone. That’s why you can find Changelly integrated into many multicurrency wallets. With Changelly on board, they will allow you to easily swap between one crypto asset to another at the best rate available right within the wallet app!

How does it work

So how do these wallets work via Changelly? All of them have Changelly’s API integrated right into their interface. Once you are about to swap between some coins in your wallet, you initiate an exchange transaction that is passing through Changelly. After one is finished, you receive your coins swapped. No need to use the Changelly website. It is that simple.

We collected the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency wallets empowered by Changelly in this article. Have a look!

Software Wallets

First, let’s go through the list of software wallets, which are the most convenient for everyday use and for keeping low-value amounts. These type of wallets can be either mobile or web applications.


Exodus is the all-in-one wallet to secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets. It allows users to track the value of their blockchain asset portfolio, in real time, as market conditions change. Being customer-oriented and secure, the wallet has a customizable interface and encrypts users’ private keys and transaction data locally for its owners only.

For Changelly, the partnership with Exodus became a precedent for the fixed-rate exchange implementation. With that feature, Exodus wallet offers in-service exchanges at fixed rates which, in fact, guarantees your rate at the time of the exchange even in a volatile market.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet is a multi-chain asset management tool that provides native support for up to 7 blockchains and all of ERC20 tokens. It is a security-first wallet from Huobi Group, a leading global digital asset financial service provider. Changelly’s exchange tool is integrated into Huobi wallet and enables its users to easily exchange one crypto to any other directly in the wallet interface.

To exchange your crypto assets within Huobi wallet all you need to do is:

  • Launch the Huobi Wallet application on your smartphone and open the “Exchange” section powered by Changelly;
  • Choose the asset-pair and the exchange amount then tap the “Exchange” button;
  • Let the exchange magic happen and do your things until you get the push-notification on your smartphone.

Buntoy Game Wallet

BUNTOY is a mobile crypto wallet designed for blockchain games. It supports hundreds of blockchain games and over 500 cryptocurrencies worldwide. Committed to bringing the best wallet experience to users.

Why need exchange in blockchain gaming
Imagine you’re playing a blockchain game and need some special equipment to upgrade your game character. But you need a particular crypto asset to do that. Or, let’s say you earned some altcoin while playing a blockchain game but prefer keeping your crypto savings in BTC. That is where Changelly comes into play.

With Changelly’s API on board, the Buntoy wallet users can easily exchange any crypto they hold for any other crypto they need within the wallet interface. The exchange option integrated directly inside Buntoy game wallet.

Ginco Wallet

Ginco Wallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet of the new generation. With Changelly’s API on board Ginco users now can:

  • Implement cross-chain exchanges among six blockchains and 15 cryptocurrencies supported within Ginco Wallet interface
  • Make safe and secure exchange transactions directly from a smartphone without exposing the private key to anyone

Check the gif below to see the seamless Ginco feat. Changelly in-wallet exchange option:

Edge Wallet

Edge is a fully user-controlled, non-custodial multi-currency wallet. With Changelly’s API on board, Edge users can seamlessly exchange one crypto for another and remain confident that no private data will be transferred to any kind of third-party custodian. Edge offers the first price hunting in-wallet exchange experience. All the user needs to do is to pick a currency pair and an amount, and Edge will find the best price across the market.


SafeWallet is a decentralized crypto-assets multi-chain wallet powered by advanced security technology and operated by Blockchain Wave Lab. With SafeWallet, it is easy to create and import multiple crypto wallets and to monitor crypto prices.

To implement an exchange, users only need to click on the “Exchange” tab in SafeWallet app, enter the amount of chosen assets and press the “Instant Exchange” button.

Ontology Wallet

Changelly instant exchange widget was integrated directly into OWallet — Ontology’s official desktop wallet, so now its users can easily convert their Bitcoin, Ethereum and 100+ other assets listed on Changelly to ONT, Ontology mainnet coin.

To implement an exchange the user only needs to choose the exchanged assets and enter the amount of the start asset, after which check the estimated amount of the final asset and press the “Exchange” button. The exchange feature also enables users to buy ONT for fiat.

ARK Wallet

ARK provides state-of-the-art solutions based on its own all-in-one blockchain technology for range fintech institutions and individuals. All transactions performed within the ARK network are fueled with the native ARK token. The ARK users can manage and store the coins in an underlying top-security wallet.

Changelly’s widget is integrated right into the new desktop version of the official ARK wallet. The widget enables users to buy ARK coin for any of over 100 cryptocurrencies listed on Changelly and Visa / Mastercard bank cards without using the Changelly external website. The widget is placed into the ‘Purchase ARK’ tab, so that a user can easily use their bank card or enter any amount of any supported crypto on Changelly to make a purchase.

Hardware wallets

When it comes to bigger amounts and serious security level, you better choose a hardware wallet where you can store your crypto offline so that nobody has access to it. Here are the most prominent cold wallets which we at Changelly proudly call our partners.


Trezor represents a small USB-device you plug into your PC or Mac to sign your transaction. You can monitor the balance of your coins and exchange them using the Trezor application. And this is when Changelly comes into play.

How do I use Trezor with Changelly?

To initiate the Changelly exchange procedure using the Trezor application all you need to do is:

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the account containing the funds to sell;
  • Click on the Exchange tab;
  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy and the receiving account. It can be a Trezor address or an external address;
  • Select Changelly offer.

It’s that simple!

CoolWallet S

CoolWallet S is a mobile cold storage hardware wallet that sends encrypted data to the CoolBitX Crypto mobile app via Bluetooth. The Changelly API integrated allows CoolWallet S users to initiate a seamless crypto-to-crypto exchange within the wallet interface.

The transfer option is provided for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and certain ERC20 Tokens.

Choose the wallet which suits you the best way

We are lucky to integrate our product into these amazing wallets, but we are not going to stop knowing that there are even more cool products out there. You can also read our previous article as to date there’re much more wallets with Changelly swap-feature integrated than those mentioned above:)

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