Happy Ever After?

Apr 24 · 3 min read

The social narrative has been hijacked.

As social media reaches its teenage years we are beginning to feel the impact that our current status update, sound-bite-led, zero-attention-span communications are having on our society. ‘Project fear’, ‘build the wall’, ‘take back control’, the echo chamber spouts negativity, hate and untruth at every turn. We’re forgetting how to listen to one another. We’re forgetting how to empathise. We’re forgetting how to tell stories.

The art of storytelling is as old humanity itself. From cave paintings to fireside storytelling rituals, humans have been telling stories to one another as a means of forging connecting bonds for aeons. We do it to relate to one another and pass on inter-generational wisdom. Nothing has the power of story to change our perception, break down the barriers of dogma and stigma and rally people around a common cause.

We need to start telling stories again.

And better ones at that.

So for this issue of Change/Maker we’re exploring the art of storytelling and how it can drive social, environmental and economic progress in the world.

We learn some of the techniques of telling a good personal story from the folks at Narativ, who provide workshops and training on how listening and storytelling can transform business communication.

We also hear from storytelling trainer, Zoë Arden, on how global brands are starting to tell more positive stories of change, backed up with real world action, through their external communications.

And here at Wolf&Player, we’ve been musing over the role that graphic design has to play in enhancing and deepening the story experience. We also take a deeper look at how social and environmental action campaigns are moving away from shock and scare to more hopeful and inspiring messaging.

These are of course combined with our usual mix of Change/Maker community news and views on a local and global scale.

We hope you enjoy this third issue of Change/Maker and that you find something to inspire you to go into the world and tell your own story.

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Change/Maker Magazine

Giving voice to those people working for social, societal and environmental progress.


Written by

Inspire Action. Change-driven design and communications studio based in London. http://wolfandplayer.com

Change/Maker Magazine

Giving voice to those people working for social, societal and environmental progress.

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