It is time for a change. A major change. Today, we bring you the next generation of ChangeWindows. Ladies and gentlemen, the sun is rising. Welcome to ChangeWindows 7.

The story so far…

About a month ago we showed of the first look to ChangeWindows 6. We’re back today, with another update to ChangeWindows 6. A few new enhancements are coming to our user-facing pages, plenty more to those that aren’t.

Timeline enhancement


It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at a Windows app update. But today is the day. And it is for a special occasion. For the very first time in ages, an in-box Windows app has received a redesign. And not just a we’ll-smack-some-acrylic-on-it-and-call-it-a-day-redesign. No no no. Full fledged, top to bottom redesign is the course of the meal today.

Sun Valley starts here.

Alarms & Clock has long been one of those apps of which it was painfully clear that nobody really cared about its design when making it (although it has its nice moments). It’s a…

20279 is a very exciting build, isn’t it? Who knew Microsoft could release 2 builds so fast after each other?! With 4 days in between 20277 and 20279 it certainly was fast. And that was its purpose. Right?

This build is largely the same as Build 20277, but we wanted to test our ability to quickly follow-up a flight with another flight.

At least, Microsoft did announce it as such. But that’s a lie, or at the very least, it isn’t the whole truth. No, if you *really* wanted to know why 20279 followed up on 20277 as fast as…

It’s been a while. About a year and 8 months ago we began pushing out ChangeWindows 5 Preview 1, and today, we gather around to start taking an early look at version 6 with version 6.0-alpha.1.

For this very first preview, you’re not going to see much has changed. But let’s first talk about the things that have changed that you, our regular visitors, will notice.

Minor design updates

It has been a while. Today, however, we’re updating our main website to a version we call… “Version 5.1". What’s new?

Changing changelogs

  • In general, most builds don’t even include any changes at all that are notable or noticeable at that.
  • Due to extensive A/B-testing, a new build on one machine may not have a feature that an older build has on another. …

As time has moved on, the Windows Insider Program has changed, in much ways for the worst, but the way ChangeWindows reported on that has stayed the same. And now, it has become unsustainable.

Microsoft’s blog posts announcing new Windows Insider builds have always been unreliable. Back in the day, this was because little changes used to be left out and the focus in these announcements went to the major marketable changes. And all the marketing language in these blog posts didn’t help either. …

Almost 2 years ago we launched ChangeWindows 4. We’ve never before tagged along on a major version for that long, but CW4 was a major step for us in the right direction and all the way to version 4.13, we’ve made quite a bit of progress that I can only be proud off. We’ve been talking about it since June 2017, even did one failed attempt, but today the day has come.

Welcome to ChangeWindows 5.

New look

The point of CW5 was never to redesign ChangeWindows. …

We’re a while further ahead once more and today we’re pushing ChangeWindows 5.0 Preview 5 out. This one is a special milestone because it is the first beta. With the alpha-stage over, we’re done developing new features for ChangeWindows 5.0 and we’re moving on to fixing bugs and polishing.

Yet again, not everything in this blog is new *today* but has rolled out since 14 February, the day we launched Preview 4.

Go checkout viv to see it in action!

Updated branding

A few days ago, if you happened to run into you would have been one of the first to…

When we announced ChangeWindows 5.0 Preview 4, we told you about ChangeWindows Preview 0.7 and how it would introduce a small set of enhancements for newer versions of Windows, including the upcoming 1903-release with support for the light theme.

We also announced that we had submitted version 0.7.1 because Microsoft refused to accept the 8th update to the ChangeWindows Preview app.

That update also got rejected (because we have the word “Windows” in our name) and because I’m quiet sick of playing this game, we’re changing the name of our app. Ladies and gentlemen…

Welcome to viv Preview

Today we’re releasing version 0.8 of…


Changing Windows one build at a time

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