ChangeWindows 4.10

Mar 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Today we’re happy to publish ChangeWindows 4.10. It’s been a while since our last feature update (which was version 4.8) and this one comes with some exciting changes!

First some important notes


Due to changes to the way ChangeWindows stores settings, you will likely have to set your theme and accent color again. You can do this as always from the ellipses menu and clicking on “Customize”.


We’re also deprecating our Hosted Web Apps in the Windows Store with today’s update. In version 4.11, integrations like the custom title bar and Cortana will be gone. You will be able to keep using the Hosted Web App as you always have, it just won’t look as fancy anymore. Also, Microsoft might remove it from the Store due to the changes coming in version 4.11.

Brand new home

First off, you’ll notice that our home page, the Timeline, has been updated a bit. The platform dropdown has been replaced with a tabbar as used on many other pages. Clicking on one of those will now show you a platform-specific page with all rings from every milestone in a collapsible panel.

The brand new timeline integrates the Rings page into itself

The new Timeline page merges the old Timeline and the Rings pages, which have been removed, in one overview.

Updated design

You may also notice that our design of ChangeWindows has changed slightly. First off, we now have a different default brand color, a lighter blue similar to the color used to indicate LTSC releases.

Fluent navbar, with the new accent colors

You will also notice that the hover effect for colored fields have been changed to be more Xbox-like and a noise layer, similar to Acrylic, has been added to those colored fields, the navbar and tabbar.

In case you are using Edge (in version 1803 or later) or Safari, you will also notice that the navbar will turn transparent and blur anything that comes behind it to simulate Acrylic as shown in the screenshot above. Other browsers will still show the solid colored navbar (unless you happen to have enabled a flag in Chrome that allows for this behavior as well).

My Windows: IoT support

Starting with Windows 10 IoT version 1803, My Windows will be able to link directly to IoT builds, just as it can now with PC, Mobile and Xbox.

Settings and filters

We have decided to remove a number of settings and filters. You can no longer change the way ChangeWindows combines builds. Additionally, hiding certain platforms is no longer possible.

We’ve also introduced a new color pallet for the Accent color options. Additionally, the Light and Dark theme are no longer available while the Light colorful and Dark colorful themes have been renamed to Light and Dark.

Finally, Settings has been renamed “Customize” to better reflect its new purpose.

Holographic Preview

We’re also adding support back for reporting on Holographic Previews, given that today the first Holographic Preview rolled out, it is well timed to have this back. You might also notice that we, once again, changed the order of platforms, switching Holographic and Mobile with each other.

Windows Phone support

In light of our recently reached goal over at Patreon, ChangeWindows 4.10 adds proper support for Windows Phone builds. With this update now also on our main website, we’ll start publishing Windows Phone builds soon.


Changing Windows one build at a time


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Changing Windows one build at a time

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