ChangeWindows 4.4

I had hoped that this wouldn’t be a thing, but here we are, today, I’m introducing ChangeWindows 4.4.1708.

Revamp build system

As Microsoft announced the new “Skip ahead” feature for Insiders, I ran into a small problem: this new feature meant that the same build number would be part of 2 different milestones (in this case, Redstone 3 and Redstone 4) and ChangeWindows can’t handle such a situation. It always assumes that 1 build number only exists within 1 milestone.

Today’s website revamp fixes this issue. The same build number can now be part of multiple releases.

Improved milestone navigation

Earlier this week, we split of the current series of Mobile builds from the Redstone 3-milestone into its own Feature 2 milestone. This caused milestone navigation at the bottom of milestone details to skip the “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update”, this issue has now been resolved.

More is coming

Version 4.4 was pretty much a rush job to make sure that ChangeWindows would be up to speed to be able to handle build 16251. The result is that some places in ChangeWindows are still acting weird. Especially the build details pages. We need to alter our URL scheme for this, so we will continue to improve version 4 for a while longer.

Additionally, in one of the coming patches to version 4.4, we’ll be removing the “Version share” page.

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