ChangeWindows 4.7

Nov 1, 2017 · 3 min read

For this month’s update, version 4.7.1711, we’ve got some minor changes to our website. The updated color scheme got released earlier last month, but we’ve got more to share.

My Windows

This is an app-exclusive feature. We’re very happy to introduce “My Windows”. If you visit ChangeWindows through our apps, you’ll no longer get to see the “The changelog for the next public release” button, but instead, you’ll get to see 2 additional “rings”:

My Windows provides you with quick access to the release notes for the next public release and more importantly: your current build.

With this, you’ll now be able to quickly move to the changelog for your device. Right now, this is only aware of your build and does not take into consideration if you’re on PC, Mobile or Xbox. This will be added later.

Update color scheme

With this new color scheme, we want ChangeWindows to be more vibrant. Not only that, but a very important argument for the new scheme was the lack of distinction between the Preview Ring (only used to indicate the Delta Ring for Xbox) and the Release Preview Ring (used for PC, Mobile and Xbox (as the Omega Ring)).

Above: the old colors, below: the new colors

Windows Server

We’ve moved all Server releases from SAC Broad to SAC Targeted as these releases act more as the Targeted Channel rather than the Broad Channel. Furthermore, the Preview Ring for Server has been removed until it gets used again.

More naming updates

You will also notice that some things have been renamed.

  • The “2016” branding has been removed from Windows Server to reflect the recent release of Windows Server version 1709.
  • “Windows 10 Mixed Reality” has been renamed back to its original name of “Windows 10 Holographic” to differentiate from the version included with PCs. Also, the OS indicated by this category is still called Windows 10 Holographic. The original switch to Mixed Reality was made because we expected Microsoft to release an update for this OS with its new name, but since then the HoloLens — the only device that uses this OS so far — has been stuck on version 1607 (Redstone 1) and honestly we don’t know for sure if “Mixed Reality” really is the name for the OS rather than the platform.
  • “Fast Ring” has been renamed to “Fast Ring Active” for PC to reflect its recent name change when the Skip Ahead feature was introduced.
  • “Skip Ahead” has been renamed to “Fast Ring Skip Ahead” to reflect its official name.

Other fixes and enhancements

  • Mobile will no longer show in the Redstone 3 milestone overview on the homepage as its blocks were empty anyway. You can still access the only Redstone 3 build it got — build 16212 — from the tabs.
  • If you’re using our app, you might have noticed that some UI elements flicker out of existence after loading a page. These UI elements are visible on our website but not in our app because they are not relevant to the apps. With today’s update, you’ll no longer see them at all as we moved from hiding them client-side to server-side.
  • Fixed: editing Server settings in the Backstage would affect IoT instead.

Where are my screenshots at?

Last month, thanks to our Patrons, we reached a goal that would allow us the go for a more fancy host, which would allow us to bring back screenshots. This would happen throughout October. As you can see, they’re not here yet. We need a little bit more time to bring them back, we hope to have them back early this month.


Changing Windows one build at a time


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Changing Windows one build at a time

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