3.5 and ChangeWindows 0.3

Another month, another update to This months update is mostly a technical update that you shouldn’t notice all that much, including code updates and an update from Bootstrap 3.3 to Bootstrap 4.0. We are also released an update to our app, bumping it’s version number to 0.3. 3.5

Xbox Insider Program

The new Xbox structure

We announced this change a couple of days ago, the day Microsoft announced the revamped Xbox Insider Program. ChangeWindows is now able to handle the new ring system used for Xbox and we’ve updated our data accordingly.

Timeline filters

Last month we introduced filters to our timelines. The only filter we included was to filter by year, today, we’re adding a second filter to filter by ring. In theory, it is actually the 3rd considering that the platform selection is also a filter, but whatever…


The return of the rings overview

Back with ChangeWindows 3.2, we dropped the overview Rings page in favor of a much more detailed Rings page that provided info on each version for each platform. These pages continue to be available — and have in fact been updated to reflect recent changes. However, we’re adding a new page to this section of our website, bringing back the general overview of Rings for all platforms.

Buildstring notation

Today’s update also includes a changed notation for the build string. Instead of


we will now write it as

“10.0.14393.0 (rs1_release.160715–1616)”

similar to how MS-vNext writes the string. Buildfeed also moved to this notation recently. So basically, you won’t notice anything from this aside of the brackets and we’re back up with the cool kids.


We’re also updating the way changelogs are divided into categories. This was rolled out after the release of build 15002. The new divisions should make it easier for users to distinguish what changed where and these changes also put some order in the overal structure of our changelogs, mainly Settings-changes are much better. We’ve updated all Creators Update changelogs retroactively for both PC and Mobile. We’re currently not planning to do so with earlier changelogs.

Year in review

‘A year in review’ in its new location under About

Now that January has come and gone, we’ve removed the Year in review page from the main navigation and from the home page, but don’t worry, you can still access it through our About page, just like the Year in review page for 2014 and 2015.

Removed releases

You may also notice that a number of releases have been removed from ChangeWindows, mainly for the PC edition. Due to a lack of clarity caused by Microsofts confusing documentation, it has turned out that we’ve been pushing updates to branches that no longer exist, this has all been rectified.

Our preview website is ment to show off what’s next for ChangeWindows. However, while our database synced between the main website and Preview, the content files did not. These “content files” are our changelogs and screenshots, you know, the important info ChangeWindows is made for in the first place. This is now no longer the case. With the 3.5 update, and now use a shared database and shared content folder, making everything available on both versions.

Bootstrap 4

This is an under-the-hood change that you shouldn’t notice, but we’ve moved our UI framework from Bootstrap 3.3 to Bootstrap 4.0 (alpha 6). This also resulted in some serious code refactoring on our part which should make maintenance to ChangeWindows easier and give all of you a better experience. If you where using Internet Explorer 9 to visit ChangeWindows, you’ll have some issues though as we no longer support that browser. Please make sure to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or 11, or even better, Edge.

Other stuff

  • The Version share page has received a minor visual update, and we no longer list versions that have 0% market share.
  • The incorrectly shortened “vN”-tag is now replaced with “Leak” for builds that leaked out.
  • Code optimizations. Yay!

ChangeWindows 0.3

Get ChangeWindows from the Windows Store

The ChangeWindows app tile

On the 12th, just 2 days after we released ChangeWindows 0.1, we pushed out our very first update (because I really wanted to send out an update). There is only 1 minor difference between ChangeWindows 0.1 and ChangeWindows 0.2 and that’s the fact that the Live Tile and splash screen now use your accent color instead of our ChangeWindows-blue. In other words: transparant live tiles! *Yay* We’ve since send out a small 0.2.1 update as well: if you are using Xbox or Holographic, you’ll now be able to download our app as well!

However, as we speak, another update, ChangeWindows 0.3 is being rolled out, which introduced Cortana support. You’ll be able to ask Cortana to show you the latest build starting from this update. You can open Cortana and go to help to find out which commands are available, more will be added over time.

Obviously, if you are using the ChangeWindows app, you’ll also get to see al changes from 3.5.

Ho, there is one more change in this update tho…

ChangeWindows Preview 0.3

Get ChangeWindows Preview from the Windows Store

But we’re not done yet! Introducing ChangeWindows Preview. The ChangeWindows Preview app is now available in the Windows Store as well and is basically the same ChangeWindows app, but instead of using the main website, this one goes to In other words, this is where we’re going to test out new features. Notice that version 0.3 is currently still rolling out.

This might seem a little bit insignificant. Why the heck do we need 2 apps? Well… For starters, ChangeWindows Preview is where you’ll start to find some new Windows-integration stuff as well. The first thing I’m currently looking into is some Cortana magic. Although notifications might still arrive first.

Over the coming month, you’ll also notice that our website in the ChangeWindows Preview app will start working more like an app as we push a number of minor refinements as part of the 3.6 update.