4.1 and ChangeWindows 0.4.3/0.4.4

Last month, we revamped ChangeWindows with a brand new design and a couple other major new features and changes. Version 4.1.1705 is all about refining this revamp.

I have to say that the feedback we’ve gotten from our visitors has been very positive. We’re glad you guys like the new look (and dark mode!) that the site has received.


The theme-setting was one of the major features we introduced last month as part of our effort to make our website feel more like a Universal Windows App, which resulted in our app also feeling more like a true UWP-app. In case you have switched to the dark theme, you’ll find that with the new update you’ve been thrown back into the light theme. This is because we revamped the way we save this setting (with cookies) which sadly was incompatible with our old system. But believe me when I say that it is worth it, because everything that follows is possible because of this.

This new update introduces 2 new theme options, except for “Light” and “Dark”, there is now also “Colorful Light” and “Colorful Dark”. In these 2 themes, ChangeWindows will use a colored navbar that follows your accent color or the page’s color.


Like Windows and many apps that are designed for the UWP, ChangeWindows now supports accents. You can go into our brand new settings-page and choose which accent color you want to use. We provide choice out of all default Windows 10 accent colors.

Hide platforms

Not everyone cares about all those Xbox builds. Or perhaps you don’t care about IoT and Server. The new settings-page allows you to hide any of the 7 platforms on ChangeWindows. Everywhere. This will remove them from the timeline, the filters for the timeline, the milestone pages, the build pages, the ring page… everywhere.

Default sorting

With ChangeWindows 4.0, we introduced the capability to sort timelines by day, week or month and allowed you to choose whether or not individual releases from the same build, day and platform should be combined. We now allow you to change the default of these options away from ‘day’ and ‘yes’.

Build timeline

On build pages, the right sidebar has so far been used to show you the 10 latest releases of any platform of the build you’re currently viewing. In version 4.1, this now only shows the releases of the platform you are viewing right now, and it is no longer limited to 10, instead it shows you all releases. You can use this timeline now to jump to any release on this page.

More minor changes

  • The menu dropdown is now more mobile-friendly.
  • The menu dropdown has been reworked to include links to the Settings and Privacy pages, the toggle for themes has been removed.

ChangeWindows Preview 0.4.3

Last month we announced that we would roll out version 0.4 of the ChangeWindows and ChangeWindows Preview app shortly. It didn’t happen, but now it is. Version 0.4.3 of the ChangeWindows Preview app is now available in the store.

The most important change for version 0.4 is that we no longer support the original version of Windows 10. As of this update, version 1511 will be required to run the ChangeWindows apps. If you are — for some reason — still on version 1507, you will continue to receive version 0.3.

ChangeWindows 0.4.4

The stable version of our app is being updated to version 0.4.4. We rolled out 0.4.3 through the Store, but sadly, it contained a bug that stopped it from launching. This has been fixed and version 0.4.4 will be available in the Store shortly.

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