Today, we’re launching the 4.3 update for our website. We’ve been testing this update for a while now on our preview website, and are now rolling it out to the main website as well. You’ll notice that this update, version 4.3.1707, isn’t being pushed in early July. And that has a reason, and people that have been with us might know this.

PSA: July hiatus

Like every year, ChangeWindows will be on hiatus this July. This time, the hiatus will last from July 3rd until July 11th. Unlike last year, we will only have one break in July as well.

Why a hiatus, you ask? Because I’m leaving for vacation and as a golden rule, that means that I won’t have any internet during this time period. So, yeah…

A word on ChangeWindows 4.2.1706

Last month, like every month, we released a new update to ChangeWindows, in June’s case it was version 4.2.1706. We didn’t announce that update here on our blog because not much changed except for 1 major change. You might have noticed that the Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and Long-Term Support Branch are nowhere to be found anymore, instead, 3 new “Channels” have appeared: the Semi Annual Pilot Channel, Semi Annual Broad Channel and the Long-Term Support Channel. These are the new names Microsoft is using, so we moved to them as well.

Accessibility and readability

With today’s update, you might see a shift in the fonts we use. While still Segoe UI, we have stopped using Light in most places, instead opting for Normal or even Semi Bold to improve readability on our website.


On the Milestones-page, you’ll notice that the blocks have been redesigned to have a more simplistic design. Going to milestone details will also show you a new header for that milestone, displaying more information than our previous heading. This update also improves the responsive design for this page.


The largest visual update this month is on the build-pages. You’ll notice that all pages have received a new heading. This heading will show the screenshot for that build and platform whenever available. If available, it will become clickable so that you can see the full picture. If not, a default background will be used.

The result is, once again, a better responsive design, as well as more focus on the changelogs themselves as the screenshots no longer utilize as much vertical space as they used to.

New accents

Today’s update is introducing 6 new accents in the Settings-page. Go check them out. And yes, these are accents from Windows Phone 8.

Rings + Backstage

The Rings page has been fully rewritten. Non of you will actually notice anything from this. I’ll just let you all know that this rewrite makes management of the rings page much easier for us. The rings displayed on it used to be hard coded, so every time Microsoft opened a new ring or ended support for another ring, we had to manually remove it from the code. Not anymore.

Further, today’s update also bring a lot of new management tools to the Backstage (something you won’t notice as well, just know this is another major improvement).


As announced with the release of ChangeWindows 4.0, the API is now no longer available. This was supposed to happen with ChangeWindows 4.1 but… I’ll be honest… I forgot about it. Either way, now it is really gone.

ChangeWindows 5

Having said that, ChangeWindows 4.3 is likely the final major update for ChangeWindows for the foreseeable future. I’ll move my focus now to building ChangeWindows 5, a Laravel-based version of the site, from the ground up. The goal with this update is to build a website with a proper back-end to power an Universal Windows Platform app. I don’t know how long building this website will take, neither do I know how long, if at all, it will take to get a true ChangeWindows UWP out. You’ll have to wait and see.

As always, the ChangeWindows Preview website and app will get this new version first (we’ll fist do the website before we even start with the app). Unlike always, we’ll publish a blog post about that preview release.

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