Introducing ChangeWindows 0.1

Today, I am very happy to announce ChangeWindows 0.1. “0.1 you say? But if I scroll down there is a post announcing 3.4!” Why yes, yes I say 0.1. That’s because I’m not talking about the website. Today we’re introducing the ChangeWindows App! *Yay*

ChangeWindows in the Windows Store

Now, hold on for a second, don’t get too excited. Right now, this is a very (very) simple Westminster app. For those who do not know what that is: it is basically a website in an UWP-wrapper, in this case, However, this does give our website access to the UWP APIs when you are using the app version of our website.

We are planning to include more and more features from Windows in our Westminster app later on which will be send to you with updates. Think notifications, live tiles, Cortana integration, etc.

However, the long-term goal is to bring a fully native ChangeWindows app. That won’t be for anytime soon, but just be aware that it is our end game.

ChangeWindows is available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Team.

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