Paint 3D 3.1710

Before we get started, I would like to say that this may or may not be a one-of thing. This is the first time I’ll discuss an app update in detail, so let me know how you like it and I’ll keep doing it. This is, by the way, only for major app updates.

Today Microsoft released Paint 3D version 3.1710.4027 to Insiders (at least in the Release Preview Ring). And I would like to take a look with you guys.

Paint 3D version 3.1710

You may notice that Paint has gotten a little design refresh. Just for comparisons sake, here is the previous version:

Paint 3D version 3.1709

You’ll notice that the top level navigation has gained an icon between the Marker and 3D Object icon: 2D Objects. In retrospect, it is kinda weird that up until now these options where put under stickers. They still behave the same way, but this new location to access these options just makes more sense.

You may also notice that the small and awkward floating toolbar on the bottom is gone. Instead, there is now a new toolbar below the main toolbar which has all the options previously located on it. Additionally, the Select and Crop tools have been removed from the sidebar and are now displayed on this toolbar as well.

You may also notice the Magic select tool between those 2 previously available tools. Magic select was actually announced a while ago and apparently it has finally made it into the app.

And credit where credit is due. For an app that has long been seen as the laughingstock of photo editing, it works amazingly well.

Fly my bird, fly!

The Canvas panel, now indicated by a new icon also comes with new rotate and flip options, which do the obvious thing.

Finally, the Welcome screen can now be accessed after dismissing it from within the app thanks to a new “Welcome screen” option in the Backstage. Additionally, I’m seeing a different Welcome screen on different devices, as shown above, this one is missing the New, Open and Paste options.

This new version of Paint adds a number of noteworthy features. I am honestly surprised about how good Paint 3D has become. Great job, Microsoft. Keep going like this.