Recent changes to ChangeWindows — Update

Keen eyed people — and the guys ‘n gals that follow ChangeWindows on Twitter — will probably have noticed that we’ve made (quiet a lot of ) changes to ChangeWindows in recent days. But because these things are often in the details yet quiet interesting to you in case you use ChangeWindows as a place to keep up with the latest on Windows, I would like to go over these changes for you guys.

Since we kicked off with ChangeWindows 4.0 back in January, a lot has changed and earlier today, we landed on “version” 4.4 (it actually isn’t the website’s version number, but rather the framework it is based on). So, let’s get started:

The data we track

In the past couple of days (and weeks), we’ve actually added a couple of new things to track:

  • We’ve introduced the “Known issues”-item for our minilogs, indicating the number of known issues and briefly mention (some of) the affected features.
  • We now keep track of a build’s branch.*
  • We also track when a build was compiled.*
  • Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 and Windows 10 Mobile now have screenshots too. These are all taken on a Lumia 925 and that will be our device to make screenshots on going forward (with some exceptions, like Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, which is taken on a Lumia 640 XL).
  • We also added information for when a build went out to the Current Branch for Business and Long-Term Support Branch.
  • Another thing we added to our data was the KB-number of individual revisions of builds. Go take a look at build 10240 or 10586 for desktop and scroll down to the update list for an example.
  • This was added earlier already, but we also have started to list known issues in our changelogs. We used to ignore them. For the matter of fact, we actually also ignored bug fixes, not anymore either.

* This data is not yet available for all builds.

Just in case it wasn’t obvious yet; with these changes we hope to move even closer to becoming an one-stop source of everything you need to know about the latest Windows builds.

Our (responsive) design

We also made quiet a couple of changes to our design. Let’s list some (the more important and obvious ones) of them:

  • When in tablet-mode, we’ll take the full width of your window instead of a limited column.
  • There is a new “Blog highlight” bar at the top of the index to promote this blog.
  • The menu went through a couple of iterations, we think we finally got a good one now (especially in tablet mode, again).
  • The build list (the tables) also went through a couple of iterations, today we made a major change to the design in tablet mode (again), it will no longer collapse at that size.

Things you don’t notice

Another major step forward made today is that all content is now split from the actual website and stored in a database. We used to have a file for basic configurations and the ring tracker, not anymore. This is now nicely stored and this will allow us to update ChangeWindows faster than we already did. Not to mention that we gave our Backstage (the admin panel) some nice updates too. :)

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