The final pieces that are Team, Xbox, Server and IoT

Over the course of the last 2 years, ChangeWindows has collected changelogs from every platform Windows’ runs on. Starting with the desktop in October 2014, and expanding to Mobile in February 2015. In April 2016, we started to include Xbox, Server and IoT. Finally, in June 2016, we added Holographic.

And — if I can say so myself — we did a pretty good job at desktop, Mobile and Holographic ever since we started with these 3 platforms. We’re doing fine for Xbox too since build 10586. But everything else? Server is missing most patches, IoT doesn’t even have actual changelogs (let alone patches) and the New Xbox One Experience-previews aren’t listed either. And finally, we don’t even cover Team. For those who don’t know what Windows 10 Team is: this is the OS running on the Surface Hub.

These are 4 big gaps in ChangeWindows’ data. 4 gaps we intend to — finally — close before 2016 has ended. So I’m kind of excited about that, because once that is done, we truly do cover every single publicly released Windows 10-based build. So here is a blog post, just to announce this. Likely we’ll first focus on adding Team, followed by Xbox-updates, followed by Server to close off with IoT. So stay tuned for all of these changelogs, soon on ChangeWindows!