Windows 10 Holographic now on, and much more

A couple of days ago, we launched a survey to ask you what you thought of We’ve gone through all that feedback and have been working on an updated version of our website based on that feedback. Not only that, but today, we’re welcoming the 6th Windows-platform to ChangeWindows: Windows 10 Holographic.

What’s new?

  • We’ve added Windows 10 Holographic as a new platform, including data on build 11082 and 14342 for Holographic.
  • The menu has been updated to allow faster navigation.
  • The statistics on the index have been moved to the sidebar.
  • The Ring-information is now clickable and will bring you right to the info on that ring’s build.
  • Build-cards now show a date bar with the Fast Rings, Slow Ring and Current Branch release dates for desktop and Mobile and the Preview and Release dates for Xbox, Server, Holographic and IoT.
  • Build-cards’ titles are now clickable and screenshots in build-cards now direct you to the build’s page, not the screenshot itself.
  • The Overview-page has been redesigned to use a more tile-ish design, the result is that it can show more content: while the old version showed 21 entries on my screen, the new version shows up to 42 entries! The page now shows less useless information too.
  • Fast and Slow Ring builds now have a different color, one being orange, the other being our classic yellow.
  • Some changelogs will show a secondary navigation on the top below the title information that allows you to switch between the changelog, updates released for that build and notes. For example, build 10240, 10586 and 10536 for Mobile).
  • If a build didn’t reach a certain ring, that ring is no longer displayed in the sidebar on that build’s page.
  • The build-pages have received a serious performance boost.
  • The cogs-icon in the menu lets you change the look of ChangeWindows, go try it out!

There are a couple more changes to come based on your feedback, and a couple of my own. So stay tuned for those!

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