3 Simple Inbox Tricks to Find Savings with Edison Mail

Smart email helps you find deals, block out impulse buys and track spending wisely.

  • Don’t let inflation drain your bank account. Leverage Deals by Edison Mail to find savings in your inbox with coupons and sales from the stores you shop most.
  • Edison Mail for iOS and Android offers helpful features like One-Tap Unsubscribe from newsletters that drive impulse shopping and Bills & Receipts to manage your spending habits.

Household budgets around the world are taking a hit as the highest level of inflation our country has seen in forty years drives up costs of goods and services. Savvy shoppers who need to stretch their budgets can leverage creative ways to maximize their spend without missing out on things they love to buy.

In our recent 2022 State of Communications study, Edison Mail found that in today’s world Americans are more likely to rely on their email inbox for online shopping (61%) as opposed to anything else — including correspondence for work (49%) or with friends and family (45%), customer service or communication with businesses (48%), and verifying their identity for online accounts (44%).

With online shopping more popular than ever before, now is the time to take advantage of the dollar savings in your inbox–all you need is a few hints about where to look. Here are three tricks that the team at Edison Mail suggests you use your inbox for to save some extra cash all year round.

  1. Never Miss a Deal

Apps like Edison Mail make it so easy to surface coupons and sales at the stores you buy from the most. Simply tap on the “Deals” folder in the Assistant menu of the app and take a look at what the app suggests based on previous purchases in your inbox.

Monitoring more than 30,000 merchants globally, the app’s email detail screen also offers extra deals when you open a retailer message. You can even search for a brand or item you are seeking that you have not already purchased previously to see what sales are available and get the best price.

For example, in the summer when you’re planning a road trip you might search terms like “rental car” to find a great price from brands like Dollar Rental or Enterprise. Or if you’re just in need of a new sweater or leggings, you can easily search for different apparel brands to see what sales are happening now.

2. Unsubscribe & Block Unwanted Retailers

Industry research suggests that anywhere between 40–80% of your purchases are likely impulse buys that you were psychologically influenced to buy. A more recent study on impulse buying shows that 90 percent of shoppers buy items not on their shopping list.

The old adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can help your wallet here–simply use Edison Mail to one-tap unsubscribe or permanently block the retailers that are bombarding your inbox with ads and sales that you don’t need right now to finally eliminate the temptation of unnecessary spending. (Don’t worry, you can always add them back in later if you change your mind.)

3. Keep Track of Your Spending to Know Where to Cut

Your inbox is the place where all your online purchases live together, so when you want to track your receipts, Edison Mail offers a unique Bills & Receipts smart card so you never worry about searching for what you spent again.

The built in “assistant” technology intelligently parses all of your e-receipt information by company so that finding all of your Venmo transactions for example, are viewable in a simple carousel, while all Apple receipts exist in another. You can even view your purchases by shopping category — whether Home Goods, Entertainment, Books, or others.

With a focused approach to finding savings in your inbox, you just might be able to stack up some real dollars in your bank account. Of course there are many other ways outside your inbox to save on shopping– consider following personal savings experts like Andrea Woroch and others who offer great advice and resources on all the ways to trim down your spending this year.



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