Buying Outside of Amazon Prime Day Could Save You 44%

Among the top items shoppers nabbed during Amazon Prime Day 2021, each could have been had for less in other months.

  • This year, consumers could save themselves an average of 44% per item by purchasing top items outside of Amazon Prime Day.
  • According to Edison Mail’s analysis of sales in 2021, the popular Echo Show 5 could have been purchased for 67% less than its Prime Day price if consumers were willing to wait until November. Prime Day 2021’s hottest item, the Fire TV Stick 4K, could have been had for 38% less in November.

Amazon’s yearly Prime Day has been whetting shoppers’ appetites since 2015. The massive retailer advertises can’t-miss deals on top brands, and consumers respond: in 2021, according to Digital Commerce 360, shoppers spent $11.2 billion during the two-day sale. Prime Day 2022 is slated for July 12–13, and the buildup is already in full swing. But beyond all the excitement, consumers may be wondering how “can’t-miss” the deals will actually be.

As frequent Amazon shoppers may have noticed, the retailer adjusts prices on its items throughout the year — even throughout the day. Amazon spokesperson Patrick Graham has stated that prices are “benchmarked” so customers can receive better deals at Amazon than at its competitors. With increasing dynamism in e-commerce pricing, is it possible shoppers will find better prices outside of these Amazon Prime Day deals?

To understand how Amazon’s pricing fluctuates throughout the year, and to educate those interested in shopping on Amazon Prime Day 2022, Edison Mail took a deep dive into over 40,000 de-identified and aggregated online transactions.

Is Prime Day the best time to get items for the lowest price?

Figure 1a: Chart shows lowest price of Prime Day 2021 (June 21–22) vs. lowest price for all 2021 at, according to Edison Mail. This analysis is based on over 40,000 transactions.

Prime members eagerly await Prime Day as an opportunity to score on deals. But as Amazon adjusts prices frequently, does Prime Day offer the retailer’s best deals of the year? We examined the ten most popular non-subscription products sold during Prime Day 2021 (June 21–22). For each of these items, the lowest price of the year occurred outside of Prime Day.

Figure 1b: Chart shows how much less items could be purchased for outside of Prime Day 2021 (June 21–22) at, according to Edison Mail. This analysis is based on over 40,000 transactions.

The most popular item, the Fire TV Stick 4k, sold for a minimum of $39.99 on Prime Day. However, the same item could be purchased for $24.99 from October 31 through December 9 — that’s 38% off. The biggest deal was for the Echo Show 5, which sold for $84.99 on Prime Day; it could be purchased for just $28.12 on November 18. That’s 67% less.

Figure 2: Table shows top ten items, by volume, purchased during Prime Day 2021 (June 21–22) at, according to Edison Mail. This analysis is based on over 40,000 transactions.

In Figure 2, items are ranked by the total number sold during Prime Day 2021. For nine out of ten items, 2021’s lowest price occurred in the months of January, October, November, or December. Shoppers purchasing when these items’ prices were at their lowest could save an average of 44%.

While not all prices may be available to all accounts — those with Prime memberships or business accounts may be offered special deals, for instance — shoppers could be forgiven for putting off their purchases until the weather turns cold again.

Regardless of when they make their purchases, consumers can manage all of the items they buy from Amazon more quickly and easily with the Edison Mail app that seamlessly bridges their Amazon shopping into their email inbox via its ‘Amazon Connect’ feature.

*The data shown is based on a sample of anonymized and aggregated e-receipts from millions of consumers in the United States.



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