Edison Mail Now Available in Six New Languages

Use the app in German, Latin American Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Edison Mail, the award-winning #1 independent email app on the App Store, is growing its international capabilities and has localized language for consumers seeking an alternative to stock email apps in Europe, Latin America and India.
  • This is the first wave of several new language updates to come in 2022
  • Edison Mail’s flagship “assistant” features to filter and find important details for travel, bills and receipts, package tracking and more are available in the United States and, in limited functionality, in Canada, UK, Australia, and India.
  • All of the app’s other award-winning email features not requiring Edison’s AI-based technology — like one-tap Unsubscribe, Dark Mode, Custom Swipes and much more — are available worldwide.
  • Download Edison Mail now on iOS and on Android.

Regardless of the country we live in or language we speak, most of us rely on email. In fact, according to research by the Radicati Group, over half of the world population used email in 2021, and the world will have more than 4.5 billion email users by the end of 2025.

Unfortunately, many consumers are tired of stock email apps that are prone to bad UIs, outages, crashing, and other issues; they want an alternative. For years, consumers who use Edison Mail have lauded the app for its smooth and reliable functionality — finally, an email app that just works!

But until now, the app has only been available to consumers worldwide in the English language. We’ve seen the number of people relying on Edison Mail expand globally over the years, and alongside it increasing requests for localized language around the world.

This is why we’re proud to announce that beginning today, Edison Mail is now available in six new languages — German, Latin American Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Change your language in a few taps from the Language page located in your Settings of the app.

This is only the start for our team. In the coming months and years, we have plans to support additional languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and more. To be the first to hear our updates on language support and more, we recommend following our Twitter, @Edison_Apps.

Now that Edison Mail is available in several new languages worldwide, here also is an overview of the app’s features available in your region.

Find What You Need Effortlessly with Our AI-Based Concierge

Our “Assistant” features, available in a menu of smart cards and an Assistant Widget, are our hallmark, putting the prowess of AI-based filtering technology into your inbox. Our assistant works as a personal concierge inside your inbox, helping you manage your packages, receipts, upcoming trips, entertainment, and more. These features save you the hassle of digging through your inbox for important details you need to get through the day. They’re located on the left hand side of your inbox above Settings.

Our Assistant Widget is another personal assistant located in your inbox, accessible via the bright circle in the upper right corner of your inbox. Through the Assistant Widget you can view the day’s events, get reminders to respond to previous calendar invitations, get trip destination information, suggested unsubscribes, be able to update your contact information, and view recent attachments.

Currently, our AI-based assistant features are available in the United States and in limited functionality in Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and India.

Save Time Getting Through Your Inbox

Our time saving features help you get from point A to inbox zero in no time flat. Did you know that deleting email is the #1 action consumers spend the most time on in their inbox everyday, more than anything else? This is why it is important that Edison Mail offers a dead simple one-tap unsubscribe ability across all of your subscriptions at a glance in our subscriptions tab. Stop email overload more effectively with an unsubscribe that works.

Utilize Templates to save you the hassle of rewriting the same message over and over again. Contacts displays all the information you need on hand about the people you mail — contact information, files, images, recent emails, and events so you never have to go digging through your inbox.

iOS users can enjoy special features like our iOS 14 Widgets which allow you to access key inbox details available from the home screen and our 3D Touch-enabled ability to drag the blue dot to mark messages as read. Lastly, Undo Send saves you when you send a message before it’s finalized, and our enhanced speed makes it so your messages arrive faster.

All of these time saving features are available worldwide, without any limitations.

Take Back Your Inbox Privacy

Edison Mail has been a privacy and security focused email app since it launched back in 2016. Block Sender allows you to take unsubscribing a step further by permanently blocking unwanted senders regardless of who they are. According to our app analytics, more than 8,600 spy pixels are hiding in your inbox every year — and Edison Mail blocks every single one without affecting your email experience. Lastly, all of your messages are protected by AES 256 encryption — the gold standard of data security available today.

Edison Mail+ is a subscription plan to access four powerful AI-based security features offering early detection and warning of potential phishing, identity spoofing, and malware efforts when they enter your inbox. Includes premium abilities like adding LinkedIn connections and a built-in Family & Friends plan.

Most of these privacy and security features are available worldwide. Edison Mail+ is also available in all locations but is currently optimized for use in the USA.

Customize Edison Mail To Fit You

Nobody uses email the exact same way, that’s why Edison Mail allows you to fully customize your email experience. Custom swipes give you eight different actions such as Archive, Block, Snooze, and more to customize into up to four different swipe patterns. Update your signature and use our rich text editor to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

Toggle between your normal inbox view or Focused Inbox to change which messages are in the forefront of your inbox. Snooze the messages you don’t have time for at the moment so you can handle them at a later date, and move between Dark Mode and Light Mode.

All of these custom features are available worldwide, without any limitations.

Download Edison Mail now on iOS and on Android.



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