Introducing Block Sender in Edison Mail

Solving the email fatigue epidemic, one smart feature at a time.

Mar 28, 2019 · 4 min read
  • Now easily block email addresses that continually send you unwanted mail with a few simple taps.
  • Once enabled, all emails from blocked addresses will go straight to your Trash so you never have to see them again.
  • Download Edison Mail on iOS or Android.

With the new Block Sender feature released in Edison Mail today for iOS and Android, you can now quickly and easily banish the email addresses that send you unwanted mail. Our research shows that most consumers (78%) usually delete emails from someone they don’t know. Now, everyone can prevent messages from coming in from contacts they don’t want to interact with — Edison Mail’s Block Sender works simply and seamlessly for universal mail accounts (i.e. Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo! AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and more).

Here’s how it works: if an unwelcome individual sends you a message, you simply have to tap the Block button in the upper right corner of your email, then confirm to block the address. From then on, all email messages from the blocked email address will be moved to the Trash, without ever bothering you. If at any point you wish to unblock a specific sender, you can easily do so from the Settings menu.

Raising the Standard of Consumer Control Over Email

Our goal at Edison is for you, the everyday email user, to see less of the emails you just don’t want — whether those mailing lists that refuse to unsubscribe you no matter how many times you ask or the soliciting emails that keep coming back despite the declines you’ve sent them before. We know that automating the disposal of these types of nuisances in your inbox will dramatically improve your daily life with email.

In our previous State of Email research, we found that when it comes to digital health and hygiene: a majority (72%) of Americans feel overwhelmed by the number and frequency of emails they receive, one third (33%) feel stressed out when sent too many emails, and nearly half (42%) of the country has wasted hours deleting emails they don’t want to manage email overload.

We strive to eliminate the grind of weeding through piles of unnecessary or random messages to find what’s relevant — the most obvious pain point from what we consider an “email fatigue” epidemic afflicting anyone with a digital identity today.

What causes “email fatigue”?

At its roots, email fatigue is caused by the constant switching of context when moving between one email to another. From a broad perspective, emails can generally be categorized across three types: conversation, notification, and noise.

In a conversation, emails exchange information and ideas between recipients. This communication flows as naturally as speaking in person, requiring people to reply and follow up to complete a thread about a given topic.

Notifications on the other hand, are mostly one way communication coming from your service provider, e-commerce/retail companies, newsletters you’ve subscribed, automation system, and others. People don’t necessarily need to respond, but may need to be aware of these emails.

Noise can encompass all of the emails that should not exist in the first place that are simply not relevant to you — anything from spam or phishing efforts, to solicitors vying for your attention.

Email fatigue is generated because the three very different types of content all show up in the same place — your mailbox. Your brain is then triggered to constantly switch back and forth between different modes of decision making while reviewing which content is actually pertinent to you, thus creating a state of fatigue.

Content separation offers the first step toward solving this problem. Having the ability to organize emails in a way that a user can stay in one context at a time will offer continuity for their state of mind , thus reducing feelings of fatigue and improving productivity. For example, our app allows you to easily differentiate between your subscriptions, travel plans, packages en route, bills and receipts, and restaurant reservations at a glance — allowing you to choose when you want to peruse these categories of your life.

Reducing the noise is the next step.

Why Block Sender Works to Reduce Noise

“Block Sender” is a concept that has pre-existed within other functions familiar to most consumers — from the ability to “Mark as Spam” and “Filter”, to the most popular ability demanded for mail today: “Unsubscribe”. However, these solutions have proven that they alone are not effective enough to solve the problem we as mail users face today.

Unfortunately, marking an email as spam will not take effect until multiple spam complaints are reported on the same sender. Consumers deserve an easier and, more importantly, effective way to keep their inbox clean. Our team was inspired by the iPhone’s “Block Contact” feature, which stops an individual from calling you with just one tap. We believe that applying this ability to email is the next step to take back control over an overflowing mailbox.

With Block Sender, Edison Mail has focused on simplifying the method of silencing the noise, making it dead simple to block a sender while reading their unwanted emails. When you pair this functionality with our existing features like one-tap Unsubscribe, block read receipts, bulk delete thousands of messages at once, and drag the blue dot to mark mail as read, you will feel the lightness in your mailbox that you’ve been missing.

As long as email fatigue remains a problem, we will continue working to find new ways to bring relief to consumers. Block Sender is a fast and clean method to put you back in control of your mailbox today.

Download Edison Mail on iOS or Android.

Since launching on iOS in April 2016, Edison Mail has sent 10 million+ flight notifications (i.e. on-time vs. delayed, gate changes, etc.), tracked shipping for over 90 million packages, and organized over 500 million receipts.

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