OnMail is Now Available & Offering Free Custom Domains to Personalize Your Email Address

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sign up to use the brand new OnMail email service now at www.onmail.com.
  • Email has scaled beyond its original design. OnMail aims to solve core problems that have overtaken email: restore user control, stop advertisers from tracking you, return simplicity to using email, and empower you to make your online identity equivalent to who you are.
  • OnMail is now available for webmail and offered in four different plans — Personal, Freelance, Professional and Business, and offered for free and paid monthly and annual subscriptions at a range of flexible prices. Key features include:
  • Permission based inbox to accept who you want and block who you don’t.
  • New announced and released free custom domain to personalize your email address included with purchase of OnMail Freelance, Professional or Business plans.
  • Email attachment/file size limit of up to 5GB, which is 200x more than what is currently offered by most popular email services. No more frustration or having to sign up for file transfer services! Password protected too!
  • Search enhanced with Natural Language improves your ability to find emails or information in the inbox by recognizing more intuitive search terms/human speech patterns.
  • AI-based intelligent features including Smart Reply, Nudges to follow up and respond, Package Tracking and more.

In April, we announced to the world something that the world has known for years — email is broken. Hours every day are pulled into email, trying to manage the unmanageable. People waste so much of every day combing through the tangled messes their inboxes have become, and the onslaught of tracking pixels that have become commonplace, that it’s no wonder that there are people who consider email to be “the most reviled personal technology ever.”

While we at Edison have always done all we could to ensure that you’re able to clean up the mess of emails allowed into your inbox every day, that’s all cleanup. The issues with email required more than another email app feature to fix, they needed a full revamping of email at its core.

This is why we’re so excited that starting today, after months of tireless work, we’ve opened up the doors to our public beta. It’s time to change email. Sign up to receive at invite at www.onmail.com. Access to OnMail’s free Personal plan is currently being rolled out in waves to those who sign up for an invite at www.onmail.com, with priority based on place in the waiting list that started in April. Access to OnMail’s paid Freelance plan or above are available for purchase and immediate use.

OnMail comes with everything we promised back in April and more. When it comes to solving the most broken areas of email today, OnMail is made to repair four values that have become lost in legacy email services: user control, privacy, simplicity, and individualism.

OnMail Restores Critical Control That’s Been Taken From You

Your inbox used to only be filled with the messages you wanted, but now marketers are able to shove hundreds of messages in your inbox freely. What should be a place where work gets done now becomes a place where work gets lost — you spend hours upon hours simply trying to get your inbox clean enough to know what to tackle next. This is why OnMail comes with the world’s first permission based inbox system, invented by Edison. This core aspect of OnMail means that before anybody is allowed into your inbox, you need to give your okay. And you have the power to change your mind at any time to keep them out by revoking access and blocking them. Unsubscribe and Block Sender functionality is also built into the service to help you easily keep out the spam and solicitors. Your inbox is your virtual home, we’re just making sure that people have to knock before they can get in.

Get OnMail, Where Ad Targeting You is Not Allowed

Email trackers found in marketing emails have the ability to let the senders know when you open the emails, where you clicked on the email, and even where you were geographically when you did so. This is why OnMail features built-in anti-tracking technology to always ensure that none of these nefarious tracking pixels can see anything that goes on inside your inbox. The service automatically blocks read-receipts sent to your email address, without disabling images within messages. We’re also proud that OnMail is one of the only free email services that doesn’t target you for ads or allow your information to be exploited for ad targeting. This focus on privacy is a cornerstone of Edison as a company, and banning ad targeting of consumers was a top priority when it came to creating our own email service.

It’s Your Email, Make It Your Own

This year, the number of email users will reach 4 billion worldwide — and if you think about it, most of those folks will be unable to get an email address they actually want. This is at least partially due to the fact that 85% of the U.S. email market is captured by only three email services (Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo!), leaving little choices of relevant email address names left for consumers — how many times do you see wendy457@somemail.com?

Email is in so many ways your digital identity, you should be able to choose the name that actually represents you. This is why we are excited to introduce the option for you to select an email address that will build your online identity and last the test of time, instead of having a name attached to an email service you may change. OnMail’s Freelance, Professional and Business account tiers include a free custom domain to choose the email address that actually matches your identity — permanently — and leaves the impression you want for your digital presence.

Be as professional or as fun with your identity as you want, just as long as it’s true to who you are. After all, your permanent digital identity should be something you get to choose for yourself, not a name you’re stuck with due to a lack of options. We’ve simplified the complex process of getting your own domain name — you don’t have to shop around and purchase a domain from a third party provider, or build a website you probably don’t need in 2020, or hire expensive IT help to code anything to get your email to actually work — that’s all a process that’s been left in the past with OnMail, we help you acquire and integrate your custom domain into your email address, in just one click, in a few minutes.

Ditch the Excess Baggage in Your Legacy Mail Account

Simple, clean design. That was our goal with OnMail’s interface. Clear away the clutter and bloat of too many buttons and gizmos. Say goodbye to icon placements in your mailbox you just don’t understand or see the need to keep. With our simple “Done” button, you can move everything you don’t need out of your inbox into a separate folder. You don’t want it to be gone forever, but you’re done with it for now. Along with that, we make it possible to send large attachments without having to rely on third party services, saving you those extra clunky steps to send an email. We knew email needed to go back to the basics so we started from scratch to give you what you need and nothing you don’t.

Choose the Plan That Suits You Best

OnMail comes in four tiers — Personal, Freelance, Professional, and Business. Each of these tiers comes with different benefits at different price points. For a complete list of all plans, features and pricing, see OnMail’s Features & Pricing Overview.

Personal, the free version of OnMail, offers a slew of features you’re sure to love. On top of being able to create a brand new email address (hopefully without underscores or numbers), you’ll have our permission based inbox system, ensuring that the only emails in your inbox are the ones you’ve approved of being there. You’ll also have fast and efficient search that works with human language — not some messy jargon. A split inbox view allows you to organize the messages you see at any point, helping you to see what matters to you, faster. Our large file attachments allow you to send files up to 100MB in size and you get 10GB of storage for free. You never need to turn to a third party service or leave your inbox to send important attachments. As always there are no ads, and no ad targeting.

Freelance, Professional, and Business are our paid plans and offer everything Personal does and more. These are the plans for, as the names say, freelancers, small business owners, or really anybody who’s trying to create a name for themselves online.

Freelance is $4.99/month or $49.99/year (saving you $10/year). In addition to everything Personal offers, this plan offers custom domain names so you can finally have the email address that matches your digital identity, password protected file transfer links, 20GB of free storage, and a 250MB attachment size limit.

Professional is $9.99/month per user or $99.99/year per user (saving you $20/year). This plan includes everything Freelance does and more. OnMail Professional includes branded file transfer pages to ensure that you can leave a good impression even when sending documents back and forth, custom file transfer URLs, and an admin dashboard to add/delete multiple users and manage billing. This plan also increases storage to 100GB, and raises the attachment size limit to 1GB, so you can send all your big projects out without interruption.

Lastly, Business is our biggest plan at $19.99/month per user or $199.99/year per user (saving you $40/year). Business is Professional but more. In addition to everything our Professional plan offers, Business gives users 1TB of free storage, a 5GB attachment file size limit, premium support. OnMail Business is a plan for Professional users as content and storage needs grow with the service.

Thoughtful Extras Built-In

Edison’s flagship AI-based assistant technology is also built into OnMail. Help to follow up on emails you have not received a response to or replied to is included with an automatic Nudge. OnMail also automatically categorizes important details for you, displaying your Travel, Package Tracking, and Bills & Receipts at a glance in easy access folders.

Ability to Block Senders from your inbox, Undo Send to take back sent mail, manage Contacts, send Smart Replies are offered. Traditional features like spam filtering, creating an email signature, setting an away message responder, Primary Inbox, Labels to create new folders, and more are also included.

OnMail by Edison is built for the future, made by real email experts. The big email brands we know and use today were built twenty years ago, in a time when we didn’t know what email would become. That was a time before nefarious tracking pixels, hundreds of marketing emails, and clunky UI that just slow down the email experience.

OnMail puts you in the driver seat. You get to choose who’s allowed into your inbox. The UI has been slimmed down to only have what you need. Every element has been meticulously designed, tested, and tested again to ensure that it’s perfect for your needs. OnMail can be used with any internet browser, and is compatible for use with the Edison Mail app for iOS, Android, and Mac (with OnMail key feature support coming by end of 2020). OnMail mobile apps will be coming in early 2021.

Welcome to the email revolution. We’re in, are you?

For updates, follow us at @GetOnMail or contact us via support.onmail.com.



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