OnMail Releases Free Account Import for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and more

Plus, several improvements to help you reduce email distractions and customize your inbox.

  • OnMail, the new email service by Edison, released several updates to help consumers improve their email experience on iOS, Android, and webmail.
  • Import Account System now available for free account tiers. Experience unique OnMail features with your existing accounts from other providers.
  • You can now block senders in just one tap instead of several steps as well as turn email notification sounds on or off.
  • Get an alert when you receive two or more emails from contacts on your pending accept sender list so you never worry about missing something.
  • Customize your Inbox Zero screen with your choice of image.
  • Change your calendar view and manage events easier than before.

While we first announced OnMail to the world in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, we exited public beta and entered the App Store in April of last year. As 2022 somehow speeds by faster than previous years, our team has been hard at work creating features that make your life easier.

Read on to learn more about the improvements we’ve made to OnMail released today for iOS, Android, and webmail.

Import Account System Now Available for Free Accounts

You asked, we answered. OnMail’s Account Import functionality is now available for free account tiers.

Previously only available for premium OnMail accounts, Account Import is now available for all. This means that whether you have Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, IMAP, and now even AOL accounts, you can experience the best features unique to OnMail all in one place across all your accounts.

Your old email account will instantly be smarter in OnMail. Try out features like Accept Sender to approve or block email senders before they enter your inbox, Inbox Break to help you restore balance when managing email, Done to help you zip through your inbox, and more for every type of email account. Your existing accounts will also be automatically protected by our anti-tracking technology to block hidden spy pixels, and get access to incredibly smart A.I. features such as Automatic Nudges, Smart Reply, Smart Folders, and Suggested Unsubscribes.

To import your existing accounts, select your email avatar and select Add a New Account. From there, select the email provider you’d like to import, login, and just like that, your existing account has access to all the OnMail features you love.

For those who may not know, OnMail’s Import Account system is unlike email forwarding, piggybacking on third party email servers, or other workarounds employed by legacy email services. OnMail’s system was built from the ground up to import your existing accounts and offer a seamless inbox experience.

Turn Down the Noise From Senders & Notifications

Unfortunately, email continues to be a stressor in many of our lives. In fact, according to a recent Edison Mail survey, a whopping 85% of Americans feel stressed from email with over half suffering from email overload.

To combat the rise in email induced stress, our team has always prioritized giving you the power to cut down the noise. OnMail found that in a U.S. national sample of 10,000 of its email users, as much as 26% of email senders were blocked between December 1, 2020 and December 1, 2021. When you consider how many junk emails may be tied to one individual sender, you can understand how unruly the volume of unwanted email can become.

“When you don’t have control over what enters your inbox, your inbox is no longer yours,” said Jeff Pearsall, VP of Design at Edison Software. “We continue making improvements to OnMail to change that dynamic and restore power to email recipients rather than email senders. Nobody should have to worry about giving out their email address, because now with OnMail you can control what happens when someone has it.”

Today we’ve added a few improvements to make the process of blocking out the noise even easier.

Just as with Import Account, we listened to your feedback and brought one-tap Block Sender to our OnMail mobile apps. Whenever a sender that you’re not actively having a conversation with emails you, a Block button will be just to the right of their name from the email details screen. With a single click, you’re able to block that individual from ever messaging you again. With another tap, you have the ability to send all previous messages from that individual to the Trash.

We also know that you may not be the biggest fan of the alert sound when a new message arrives. Which is why from your Account Details screen you can choose to toggle on or off your notification sounds.

As awesome as it is to be able to choose who can enter your inbox with our Accept Sender functionality, sometimes you might fall behind and see a list forming of pending contacts to approve or deny. There is always the chance that a pending contact might be time sensitive, so we’ve added a new functionality to our mobile apps to send you a notification when a pending contact emails you twice or more.

This alert will arrive in your Notification Center under the subject line, New Contact Request. All you need to do is tap and hold this notification and you’ll be able to accept or block the sender. If you accept them and realize that you’ve made a mistake, you can block them with a single tap from the email details screen.

Customize Your Inbox Visuals

Do you have a photo of your dog you love? A picture from a trip that always sparks joy? A meme that always makes you chuckle? Well now you have the ability to make any one of these images your Inbox Zero screen. Consider it a reward for yourself whenever you’re able to slash through the messages in your inbox.

From Settings, select Empty Inbox. If you have multiple connected accounts, select the account you’d like to manage. On this new screen, choose whether or not you want to see our daily inspirational quote as well as whether or not you want an Inbox Zero image. If you do want the Inbox Zero image, you can upload any photo you want. This new photo will automatically sync across your desktop and mobile apps, giving you a beautiful screen to act as a reward for reaching Inbox Zero.

Updates to Calendar Management

First launched back in December, we’ve continued to make improvements to OnMail Calendar by making it easier to RSVP to events, add event details, and more.

When you’re viewing your calendar on mobile, we’ve traditionally offered the events of the day with a week view at the top of your screen. Now you can change this view to include month or year. Simply pull down from the gray line under your week view to open up your month. Pull down again to see your year. To change this view back to the way it was before, pull up from the bottom of your screen.

We’ve also made it easier to RSVP to different events. While previously you could only RSVP to an event by selecting the email invitation, you can now RSVP by tapping on the event via your calendar. Once you have the event opened, select your answer on the RSVP bar — Yes, No or Maybe.

Lastly, we’ve added a rich text editor so you’re able to include additional details to your calendar events. This includes adding links, underlining text, italicizing, and more so you can always add a custom touch.

Looking ahead at the rest of the year, we’re looking to bring you additional requested features including Send Later, Pinned Messages, and improved search and filtering. You talked, we listened, and we’ll continue to bring you features that you want to see in our app.

Download OnMail for iOS and Android. For updates, follow us at @GetOnMail or contact us at support.onmail.com.



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