OnMail’s Calendar Launches Just in Time for the Holidays

Clean, simple, and smart, OnMail’s calendar allows you to manage your events directly from your inbox

  • OnMail’s Calendar helps you manage plans without ever leaving your inbox
  • Schedule, invite guests, and respond to new invites received across your OnMail and imported email accounts
  • New Smart Date functionality offers proactive suggestions from OnMail of upcoming open times on your schedule when you select adding a new event
  • Display preferences for your OnMail calendar in Light or Dark Mode
  • Automatic display of international holidays and recognition of .ICS files
  • Calendar is available now on iOS, Android, and webmail.

After what was for many a very lonely holiday season in 2020, people seem to be making up for lost time in 2021. A recent study from Tripleseat, a web-based sales and management system, found that the majority of workplaces are hosting holiday celebrations and over 70% of respondents also plan on hosting their own shindigs. As the holiday season begins to ramp up and calendars fill with events both professional and personal, being able to stay on top of everything on your agenda is a struggle in and of itself.

This is why, just in time for the holiday season, OnMail is excited to introduce Calendar. Available now on iOS, Android, and webmail for both free and paid accounts, calendar offers a simple, easy, and clean way to schedule and manage events right from your email inbox.

To access your calendar:

On mobile apps pull-up drawer inbox menu and on webmail, you can access it via the sidebar. On webmail, you can quickly switch between views of your calendar by day, week, or month, while mobile offers a quick-scroll view by day.

To schedule an event:

To create an event on your mobile devices, select the plus sign on the lower right corner or tap and hold a time on your calendar. To add an event in webmail simply click the date you want or tap the plus sign located in the upper right, and begin filling in the necessary information in the popup.

Enter the name of your event, its duration, and select whether it’s all day or repeatable. You can send invites from your events to guests outside of OnMail that use other email services. More settings include designating your alert preferences before events begin and the ability to add notes. Once you’ve filled in all that information, simply press Save and you’re good to go.

Just as with everything else from OnMail, our calendar is simply designed, intuitive to use, and smart.

Our calendar also comes with:

  • Smart Date, a feature that works as your personal assistant, checking your availability for you to suggest times on your schedule as you create new events.
  • Email reminders for upcoming events so you never miss an important meeting.
  • Light or Dark Mode customization.
  • Automatic population of international holidays.
  • .ICS file recognition.

Just the beginning, we’ll continually be adding new features to our calendar throughout the next year including the ability to sync the calendars from your imported accounts.

Download OnMail for iOS and Android. For updates, follow us at @GetOnMail or contact us at support.onmail.com.



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