Changing Face of Workplaces , COLABS Lahore


In the past decade , Pakistan has experienced a steady increase in co-working spaces. With the passage of time the traditional workplace environment has shifted from the language of cubicles and divisions to open planned offices and glass-walled private spaces. The flexibility of space has increased as technology advances and the corporate world modernizes. Such a work environment attracts not only freelancers and entrepreneurs but is the backbone for remote enterprise teams. Such facilities are the hub of budding start-ups, providing people to take a leap , and develop their own business. The dream to finally break away from your nine to five around the clock work , to water the business you want to be remembered for.

Co-working spaces have enhanced the trend of ,”digital nomads”. Such individuals benefit from the digital infrastructure to live a location -independent lifestyle . The facility ensures that people from diverse backgrounds avail the opportunity to work together , building a healthy network , while having their own private spaces as well. Co-working gives the essence of being part of a community , where your own work is valued. Grabbing a cup of tea with various entrepreneurs or attending workshops, either way such activities enable long- lasting relationships, and possible businesses. Having friendly faces on the adjacent table decreases loneliness as well.These interactions are the binding treads of the community fabric.

The shared space phenomena makes the space cost-effective as well. Startups and private businesses will pay for the allocated seats, hence they aren’t bound to additional payments for unacquainted facilities . Plus flexible agreements enable users to scale at their own pace, without the pressure of rigid traditional leases. Such adaptability is essential for blooming companies. Built in amenities like front-desk, cleaning staff, kitchen printing services are covered in their monthly emoluments , decreasing monthly budgeting.

Such offices enhance productivity , as the ambiance of a functional , effective environment is provided for your startups growth. With technology at its pace, workspace have become remote, giving people the opportunity to allocate their work from any location. Co working provides multi-operative spaces to cater to various work styles. Offering a diversity compared to the traditional office but practicality in contrast to working from home. Collaborating is an answer to “equity theory” as well , as one can compare their everyday work to surrounding people. Such a routine brings structure to one’s life , differentiating between home and work routines. Once leaving the office , one can focus primarily on their home , without the pressure of not being productive in their career.

CEO of SABCON Mr. Ali Shah and co-founder and CEO Mr. Omar Shah

An initiative taken by the founder of Co-Labs, The Chief Executive Officer of SABCON, Mr. Ali Shah, backed by the Swedish E-commerce giant;Bangerhead. The WATEX , towel factory that had outlived its days was converted into the fully functional workspace by the name Co-Labs.

The space offers its services in three packages. First as a co-working space. This includes , the day pass, hot desk, the hot desk plus and the dedicated desks. Such space is idealistic for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small start-ups. In such an arrangement they can purchase the number of seats they require, with additional benefits like internet, workshops, valet parking, meeting rooms , coffee etc.

The second package offers private office spaces. There are three modules available, small, medium and large, varying in prices and space. These modular spaces allow teams of particular companies to work , offering space , flexibility and customization. Services such as conference, meeting, board rooms , free valet parking and excess to community events are available as well.

Col labs also provide their collaborative discussion rooms on an hourly bases. The rooms ranging from meeting , conference, board and training rooms. They also consist of event auditoriums and rooftop gardens for larger events, including exhibitions, charity balls and musical gigs.

Such workplace environment is idealistic for growing businesses and deserve to be visited by uprising companies. Giving you the space, facilities and friendly environment, rightfully living up to the statement, that there is no place is work.