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Documenting lessons, tips and experiences in digital journalism.

The first 30 days of the iTunes for newspapers

I’m co-founder of a journalistic startup from the Netherlands called Blendle (the first true iTunes for journalism in the world)…

Are journalists that create ‘branded content’ effectively “whores”?

A response to Andrew Sullivan’s take on how journalism has surrendered and ‘native advertising…

A place for women in soccer journalism

I don’t have one…yet.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup marks the four year anniversary of the month that changed my life.

A News Junkie Reads the Tea Leaves.

Written by Amy Selwyn
Illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton

To save the publishing industry, stop using the word “Content”

The King is dead. Long live the King?

The Agony Of Reading On The Web

Why Digital News Needs A Redesign

This article was originally published in January 2012 on A New Atlantis.

Are Girls Still in the Balcony?

What the commentary around the Jill Abramson/NYT affair is saying to the next generation of journalists

It’s the metadata, stupid

And it’s not just for your audience

You might have heard about Buzzfeed’s leak of the New York Times Innovation Report. A lot of analysis…

The return of Mr. Gates

curation, aggregation, community management & branded content

Jeff Jarvis wrote in 2006 that: “now that we are entering the age of the amateur — when no one can hold a monopoly on the tools of information — I hope we will witness the death of the gatekeeper”.

The gatekeeper has given journalism a bad name. It pictures…

What Inflation Hawkery Teaches Us About Journalism

Tuesday, Matt O’Brien, Economics writer at the Washington Post’s wonkblog, wrote a piece entitled, “There’s still no reason to be

P.S. I love you, brands

People aren’t that picky about who publishes their content—so long as you follow 2 rules 

Why ‘publisher as a platform’ is here to stay

The content management revolution is already upon us.

Digital Tools for Journalists

Stuff people use to tell stories on screens. 

There must be a variation of Moore’s Law that applies to the size of the journalist’s…

The death of an industry or the evolution of one? I’ll take the latter

How journalism is being revitalized

Why Indian media should take some cues from ‘The Newsroom’

The reporting on Election 2014 is going from bad to worse.

Before you get into a bunch, I do understand the The Newsroom is an idealistic show, meant for TV. Even Aaron Sorkin, the show’s creator, admits the show was not written to show journalists how to cover the news. But it doesn’t mean there…

The state of the media is terrible

And media organizations’ hiring processes are perverse.

A while back, I received an email from a storied news organization…

Unearthing The Facts Is Just Plain Hard

I am convinced news is often wrong not because of political slant but because having the right education, context, contacts, knowledge of where to look and the ability to do this in a timely manner is just plain hard.

In the startup world coverage that highlights this is the Unicorn Club story about companies valued at $1B. Follow…

New Journalism Buzzwords 

These are the phrases you hear at media symposiums, and what they really mean 

Price You Pay

Working for free is never a good thing. Period.

This article was originally published on i am J. DAKAR.

(Re)defining multimedia journalism

New storytelling forms inspire us

Summary: “Snow Fall” was a watershed project, but we’ve already gone beyond that. Let’s focus

Changing Journalism
Changing Journalism

Documenting lessons, tips and experiences in digital journalism.

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