2017 MAB Youth Forum. 22 september

Po Delta Biosphere Reserve — ITALY, 17–23 September 2017

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22 september 2017

While the choice is left to participants to decide in which order to take part in these communication workshops, their attendance is warmly recommended as the proposed activities will help the participants report on their participation to the forum and, furthermore, prepare them to continue reporting on their respective territories and activities.

Luca Natale — Enzo Romano
Tradition and innovation: methods to be acquainted and to communicate places (examples of Cinque Terre National Park and Portovenere, Cinque Terre and islands WH site)

Sabrina Pesarini
To promote a high value place: digital destination marketing

Ludovica Casellati
Cyclotourism as a development opportunity for Parks and territories

Forum Storytelling
Workshop with the social media team of the Forum

Guided visit at the National Archaeological Museum of Adria

The National Archaeological Museum of Adria gathers exhibits from Adria and Basso Polesine, the area that in the ancient times used to be the centre of contacts between the Mediterranean world, Northern Italy and the Central European Culture. The heart of the exhibition is the Bocchi collection, founded between the 18th and the 19th century, including some bronze valuables, a vast collection of Attica’s ceramics with black and red figures, works of most famous painters and an extraordinary collection of glass from the Roman Age.

A guided tour has been organized by students from the “G. Cipriani” State Professional Institute for Enogastronomy and Hotel Hospitality, during which the illustration of the archaeological finds will be accompanied, in parallel, by a path of consistent local gastronomy specialties tastings.

2nd International Conference on Deltas and Lagoons Climate Change Effects on Coastal Zones

This optional side conference is free of charge and limited to a maximum of 50 participants. If interested please register on the web platform. The conference will be held at the Cà Vendramin Land Reclaiming Museum and the bus will leave at 08:15 from the parking in front of the Congress Centre.

The conference is organized by DELTAMED, a scientific association which is aimed at: o facilitating scientific research and exchanges on coastal wetlands and deltas which are facing common problems such as coastal erosion, subsidence, salinization, climate change and water pollution; o promoting programmes and projects to support these deltas and coastal wetlands in their sustainable development.

The associated deltas and coastal wetlands are: Po Delta (Italy), Ebre Delta (Spain), Rhone Delta — Camargue (France), Danube Delta (Romania + Ukraine) Evros Delta (Greece), Nile Delta (Egypt), Albufera di Valencia (Spain) Caorle Lagoon (Italy), Venice Lagoon (Italy)

Urban Regeneration and Contemporaneity: A Possible Link between World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves

This optional side workshop is free of charge and limited to a maximum of 50 participants. If interested please register on the web platform. The workshop will be held in Ferrara and is organized by the Wunderkammer Consortium.

Exchange of ideas and good practices of Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Development

Interventions (maximum length: 10 minutes) from local and international experts and practitioners

Key words: World Heritage / MAB, WH sites and Biosphere Reserves, Heritage and Urban Regeneration, Contemporaneity, Green Belt, Social Capital and Development. Urban re generation, conteporaneity, green belt.
 A report will be produced at the end of the workshop, to be submitted to local and national institutions, as well as UNESCO bodies in Italy.