Summary of Law of One, The Ra Material

Getting to know one of the most influential channeled works

Nov 10, 2019 · 6 min read

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Law of One in One Sentence

The law of one states that all things are one thing, the infinite creator, or that we all share the same fundamental essence or core beings.

There is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator. (4.20)

Where did the law of one material come from?

The material was channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984.

Where can I get the source material?

You can read the readings, or you can listen to them.

It has been published in book form, and the books can be freely downloaded from L/L Research’s library or purchased from their online store or from Amazon*.

Law of One Summary by Mike Waskosky

In this presentation, Mike takes us through the history of Lo1, the central points, and the movement surrounding it.

Some fundamental ideas from the Law of One Material

Originally Published here by Tobey Wheelock

What is the Law of One?

There is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator. (4.20)

Why do there seem to be many?

The Infinite Creator became aware of the possibility of finity. It determined to explore this possibility. (13.12)


It is interested in free will. What happens if portions of itself are free to do whatever they want?

Why does it care?

It wants to know Itself.

How does the Creator investigate the concept of free will?

Its infinite intelligence coalesces into foci of intelligent energy. These foci call light into being, thereby establishing a pattern of natural laws and creating what we call a galaxy. (13.13)

What do we call such a focus?

The Logos, the Creative Principle, or Love. (13.7)

How does calling light into being establish natural laws?

Light is intelligent, full of energy, and the building block of what we call matter.

Is there more than one Logos?

Yes, each galaxy has its own Logos. Ra says that our people have often worshipped the Logos instead of the One Infinite Creator from which it comes. (27.12)

Is there a physical manifestation of the Logos?

I’m not sure. If there is, I guess it would be the central sun of our galaxy. But though Ra does refer to a central sun, it seems to be the central sun of the universe that all will return to. (27.6)

So does each galaxy have its own system of natural laws?

Yes. And also its own archetypical mind. Ra says that some of its members have wandered to other galaxies, and that “[t]he experience has been one which staggers the intellectual and intuitive capacities.” (90.17)

What is our sun?

A “sub-Logos.” It refines the natural laws and the archetypical mind set up by our Logos, informed by the experience of earlier solar systems in our galaxy, just as our Logos was informed by the experience of earlier Logoi with their galaxies. (29.1)

So how did people come about?

Our Logos, in its plan for how best to allow the Creator to know itself, chose to invest bipedal apes with self-consciousness.


Ra doesn’t know, but they do hazard a guess: so that we would develop speech, rather than telepathy and so that rather than rediscovering the powers of the mind, we would be drawn to the making, holding, and using of physical tools. (90.12, 19.10)

Why would the Logos want us not to discover the powers of the mind?

It goes back to free will. We are each, in essence, the One Infinite Creator, exploring the illusion of finity. The Logos wanted to give each portion of the Creator the utmost free will in its exploration. It therefore carefully veiled the subconscious and deep minds from the conscious mind.

How does veiling the subconscious from the conscious mind give us free will?

The subconscious mind is aware of unity with all that is. If we were consciously aware of that unity, we would have no need for seeking or for choosing a path back to the Creator.

If we already are the Creator, why do we have to choose a path back?

It’s a matter of becoming more and more that which we already are. And as each of us makes choices on our journey back, we become like jewels in the crown of the Creator.

What choices do we have for paths?

Service to self or service to others. Or neither.

What happens if we choose neither?

We reincarnate until we do choose one of the two paths.

Why are there only two paths?

Ra doesn’t say, but I think that, just as a magnet has two poles, the positive and the negative, so does consciousness. Ra does point out that, just as it’s impossible to judge the polarity of a magnet, so is it impossible, and inappropriate, to judge the polarity of another being.

How do we choose one path or the other?

In order to choose the positive path, at least 51 percent of our thoughts and actions must be dedicated to the service of others. For the negative path, at least 95% must be self-serving. Between the two lies “the sinkhole of indifference.”

What happens if we do choose one of the paths successfully?

We graduate to a planet of service to others or a planet of service to self.

How long do we have in which to choose?

75,000 years.

What happens after 75,000 years?

After that, earth will be a service to others planet. Those who have chosen service to others will work together in the manner that seems best to them. Those who have chosen service to self will go to planets dedicated to their path. Those who have not yet chosen will go to other third-density planets.

What do you mean third density?

There are seven densities of experience.

First density is the density of awareness, in which the planet moves out of the timeless state into physical manifestation. Its inhabitants are earth, wind, water, and fire.

Second density is the density of growth, in which what we call biological life emerges and evolves into greater and greater complexity.

Third density is the density of choice, in which certain of the biological entities are invested with spirits and choose which way they will further their evolution toward the Creator.

Fourth density is the density of love. Those who have successfully chosen come together with others of like mind in order to pursue that choice, either towards loving self or loving others.

Fifth density is the density of wisdom. Those who have studied the love of self or of others now learn to be wise in their service.

Sixth density is the density of unity. In it love and wisdom are blended together. The two paths reunite as those on the service-to-self path, realizing that they cannot successfully master the lessons of unity without opening their hearts to others, switch their polarity to positive.

Seventh density is the gateway density, the last step before we become again that which we have always been, the One Infinite Creator.

Eighth density is also the beginning of the first density of the next Creation.

Between seventh and eight densities, I believe, the creation re-merges in a period of timeless, formless unity with the Creator.

Why are there seven densities?

It is Ra’s understanding that “ways of the octave are without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation infinitely.” They point out, though, that the limits of their knowledge are narrow.


In Summation

The law of one is one of the simplest explanations of the fundamental truth of the universe. These readings have gone on to be one of the most influential channeled works of our time, often referenced by spiritual thought leaders like Corey Goode.

These readings lay out the concepts of service to self vs service to others, the densities of light, reincarnation, soul families, and an understanding of the universal creator.

Download the PDF from L/L Research

The Law Of One: Book I THE RA MATERIAL (pdf)

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The Channel

The Channel highlights some of the brightest channelers and channelled information received on the planet Earth.

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