Chanspirations | Life Lessons | Mirror Coincidences | Mindfulness

Adjusting the Rear-View Mirror

Road trip of synchronicity and coincidence

Image created by the author — jules in Canva

Traveling on life’s highway, do you push the speed limits or do you just try to maneuver the tight curves on the winding road of circumstances? In my life over the last month, I have experienced an…



Inspired to write after reading someone’s promptless post? Witness something that stuck with you and connect it to an idea you had since, or maybe before? You may be the unbeknownst recipient of a channeled inspiration. Agnostics welcome — non-believers are great messengers

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just call me jules! all my friends do! Others know me as Miz Mindful. I’m just a girl with the dream to make a mindful difference in a world of present moments