Haunting Stare

An Essay

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

My dream state is always a puzzling and very often frightening experience.

It began forty-nine years ago. I was a senior in high school and had gotten a job working part-time in a bank filing checks. Yes, it was a mundane job but it was my first job so I was excited. I went to bed early the night before so I could get a good night's sleep.

I had dreams all night and in one moment that lasted about ten seconds, I very clearly saw right in front of my face a very handsome guy, much like the photo above but with an intense and haunting stare. I woke up in a panic then tossed and turned the rest of the evening.

The next morning I still had the stare on my mind but ignored it and got ready for my first day at work. I left early, hopped on my bus and sat in the window seat by the back door. The bus was only halfway crowded with the seat next to me empty.

I was looking out the window when the bus stopped and passengers entered. I felt someone near me in the aisle. I looked over and that haunting stare glared right through me. He was standing in the aisle, the guy in my dream. I completely froze. He then smiled at me but I was so scared I got up and got off the bus. I was actually shaking.

I don’t know if what I experienced that day was a coincidence or otherwise but it was the beginning of my premonitions.

Thank you to Marcus aka Gregory Maidman for the opportunity to write for this publication.

Thank you for reading.



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Joanne Olivieri

Joanne Olivieri


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