Nature Reminds Me of My Divinity Daily

Medicine for the soul

Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay

Nature reminds me of my divinity daily.

Usually, I like to start my morning with a walk around the garden. I like to observe insects and flowers. I like to pick the scented herbs and inhale their soothing essence.

When I’m feeling disconnected or separated from the world, an immersive walk in nature normally…




Inspired to write after reading someone’s promptless post? Witness something that stuck with you and connect it to an idea you had since, or maybe before? You may be the unbeknownst recipient of a channeled inspiration. Agnostics welcome — non-believers are great messengers

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Camille Grady

Camille Grady

Your own truth will set you free. Writer on self awareness, personal growth and spirituality.

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