Spirit Hunter

Resurrects the innocent child

by Jakarin2521 licensed from depositphotos.com

I follow Desiree the Deer
yet hardly do you appear

my intuition shifted my gears when my Pineal gland
heard a whisper to land here and my two eyes spotting the deer
I wondered to myself of what am I here to be a seer



Inspired to write after reading someone’s promptless post? Witness something that stuck with you and connect it to an idea you had since, or maybe before? You may be the unbeknownst recipient of a channeled inspiration. Agnostics welcome — non-believers are great messengers

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Marcus aka Gregory Maidman

Marcus aka Gregory Maidman


Living 17,043rd human life. I am Marcus (universal name) or you may call me Greg; a deep thinker; an explorer of ideas and the mind. solutionman031720@gmail.com