Chaos VS Entropy
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Chaos VS Entropy

Forgiveness is the Key to Your Serenity

Courage To Change — October 15, 2019

Our lives are often tangled messes. Webs of resentment, regret, shame and discontent are so tangled and extensive that finding a string to start unraveling the whole often means getting strangled by the rest of the strings that still hold us fast. Forgiveness is the key to understanding the big picture; which threads to pull to loosen the whole knot. Forgiveness is not about proving anything, or about actual redemption, but about letting go. It’s for you, the forgiver, not for the forgiven. Forgiveness…




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Duke Of Chaos

Duke Of Chaos

Father of six and counting. Life is Chaos. Death is Entropy. Chaos is winning. I am the Duke of Chaos.

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