“Chaos Should Never Be A Surprise…”

The Chaos Toolkit now includes support for runtime notifications, and Slack Integration

Russ Miles
Feb 20, 2018 · 2 min read

One of the rules of chaos engineering is that “chaos should never be a surprise”.

When you’re executing a chaos experiment everyone should know about it. Now, thanks to in the community, the includes runtime notifications that make it simple to listen to the executing of an experiment and surface that progress in lots of novel ways.

Communicating Chaos Experiment Progress with Runtime Hooks

The now triggers that you can listen to during the various runtime operations of the toolkit, including:

  • : Surfaces that experiment validation has started, failed or has completed.
  • : Surfaces that system discovery has started, failed or has completed.
  • : Surfaces that experiment initialisation, or creation, has been started, failed of has completed.
  • : Surfaces that an experiment has been started, failed or has completed.

Each set of notifications expose details of a particular point in the lifecycle of a operation and can be used to then surface that information…

An Example in the Incubator: Slack Integration

At that same time as adding this new support for runtime events we also added an example of their usage.

There is now in the that uses these runtime events to surface operation execution into a specific Slack channel.

Surfacing a Chaos Experiment execution into Slack


Runtime chaos experiment hooks provide a lot of exciting opportunities for communicating the status and progress of your operations, in particular the status of running chaos experiments.

Look out for more examples that take advantage of this new feature over the coming weeks as we increase the observability of chaos.

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