The Chaos Toolkit driver for AWS is getting some love from the community

As we did in the past, today we would like to give a big shout out to members of the Chaos Toolkit community for their awesomeness. We’ll focus on our the driver for AWS which has received recent contributions from Antoine Carat and Arun Gupta.

Antoine has brough us a set of new actions and probes for ECS and EC2 so that you can delete instances, at random, in a given availability zone.

"name": "stop-an-ec2-instance-in-az-at-random",
"provider": {
"type": "python",
"module": "chaosaws.ec2.actions",
"func": "stop_instance",
"arguments": {
"az": "us-west-1"

You may also delete ECS services (draining them from their tasks first).

Arun has been kind enough to merge Russ Miles PR in the AWS Kubernetes workshop a couple of months ago and has now started working on even more Chaos Engineering exploration against the platform using the Chaos Toolkit.

As usual, our Open Source effort would be quite useless if it wasn’t for our community collaboration. We are excited for these new features now published!

You too can contribute for your favourite system by joining us on Slack and GitHub.

Rock on Community!