Release update — alpha

Introducing Chapi

Hi 👋,

We are a small team of three members. We have built a Chrome Extension which assists you in creating and managing your own Personal Knowledge Base. We call it Chapi.

Currently, we’ve released our product as an alpha version to limited people only. We would be grateful if you would use our product. — Sign up with Chapi

After you are done saving few snippets, you can view them in our client. Here you can view your saved snippets and filter them by searching.

Chapi timeline where you can search for your saved contents.

The video below will give you basic instructions on how to use the Chrome Extension.

Video about how to use Chapi to save contents from webpages.

Hope you like our initial release. We are always working on making Chapi better. Your feedback helps us improve the overall experience of the product.

You can always ping us on the chat option in the client or drop us an email at Thank You for the support.

Cheers! 🍻 Team Chapi