Release update — alpha v3

Chapi got a new look! 😎

Hello 😄,

Hope you have been well. For us last couple of weeks have been full of partying and bar hopping. Nah! not really, we have been improving Chapi day and night. From this release we have shifted our application to Along with the shift we have redesigned the logo and the website.

We have detailed all the new features and major changes below:

Popup shows your saved snippet for the page

On page revisit, Chapi icon in toolbar shows you the number of snippets saved on that page, and clicking on the icon opens up the popup with the saved content.

Introducing signup with email

In addition to Google login, we now allow users to use any valid email to create an account in our systems.

Improved snippet search

We fine tuned our search process to give you more accurate results without compensating on performance.

Halting new tab

In our last release we introduced the new tab page to access chapi quickly. But we got a mixed response from our users regarding the feature. So in this release we have moved the new tab feature away from the current extension.

Note — We haven’t abandoned the idea completely. It might boomerang back in a few months.

Note for current Chapi users

The extension might get disabled because of permission changes, in this case please re-enable the extension. To re-enable, refer the picture on the left.

If you have any thoughts or feedbacks about Chapi, drop us an email at or ping us on the chat option, on your Chapi timeline or reply to this email.
We thank you for the support and motivation, and we look forward to your valuable feedback.

Adios Amigos! Team Chapi.