Release Update — alpha v4

Introducing Tagging!

Today we’re excited to introduce one of the most requested feature for Chapi — ‘Tagging my snippets’.

Getting Started

Tags help you in classification and recollection of snippets. You can tag any text, image, or page in Chapi. We also provide system generated tags which are the domain and subdomains of the snippet URL. These system generated tags can’t be deleted, as they provide a default classification by domain name.

Adding Tags

After saving a snippet, you can use the extension popup to add tags. Or use our web app. To add tags through extension popup, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the extension popup.
  2. Click add tags link on the bottom of saved snippet to open the tag input.
  3. Type in the input to add your tags.
  4. Press Return or Comma to add the tag.
  5. Once you added all the tags, press Escape to close the tag input.

Explore using Tags

Click on a tag will show you all the snippets related that tag.

Feature Forecast

We will start rolling out integrations with other services, starting with the browser bookmarks. And some more goodies.

We Want to Hear from You!

Hope you guys will enjoy our new addition to Chapi. If you have any thoughts or feedbacks, drop us an email at or ping us on the chat option, in your Chapi timeline.

We thank you for the support and motivation, and we look forward to your valuable feedback. With ❤ Team Chapi!