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We are now testing an exciting new service for our clients — Chapps Legal Advisery service. Our experience shows that legal issues usually arise from the early stages of development of a startup and follow the company until the final acquisition/exit stage.

Generally, entrepreneurs do not concentrate on legal support of their startup when their idea is in the earliest stages of development. Usually, the main pitfalls arise when the startup is prepared to be sold. At this late stage, legal support becomes more difficult, and much more expensive. Thus, it is vital to the startup’s future to have an experienced legal counsel help provide proper guidance to this highy important aspect of the business.

Existing as a product and digital agency, Chapps is aware of such ‘blind fields’ which require legal guidance.

Our main goal is to personally help each client navigate through these inevitable legal issues, which could arise during development of the product. We aim to provide legal support and guidance through every stage of development of our clients’ businesses.

The following are common situations which entrepreneurs often face:

Determining Rights and Shares of the Partners

It is critical for a startup in the very beginning to make clear the legal boundaries and responsibilities between partners/contractors to prevent potentially lengthy and costly legal disputes.

Business Documentation

Company documentation, apart statutory documents, includes partners’ agreements, NDA (non-disclosure agreements), non-solicitation agreements, standard agreement for working with clients, as well as website terms & agreements. All of these agreements are important to a new & growing startup. Needless to say, having all documents in due order makes a positive general attitude to your startup amongst potential partners/buyers.

IP (Intellectual Property) Law Protection

When it comes to the design and product registration, it is critical to the startup’s future to make a foundation for protecting entrepreneurs’ ownership rights as well as not infringing on the rights of owners of already registered products.

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Our specialist

Ilona Biliuk

Lawyer (LLM International Business Law, United Kingdom)

With more than 4 years experience will be doing with your inquires.

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