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A Message (To You, Me, and Everyone)

Daily fiction_013 // Tom Curren // Chapter X

They may laugh, but persevere.

They may decide that what you do is fit only to be a single star, but carry on chasing the entire sky. You can have it, though you’ll have to take it one fiery sphere of plasma at a time.

They may find lives to suit themselves, but do no follow blindly as most will. Those who strike out alone are those who enter the annals of history, remembered as the greatest heroes of humankind.

They may give up, but you will watch, and sigh quietly. They could have what you know you will, were they only willing to endure. When you see the same obstacle that broke them, vault it like an Olympian; or stagger over it like a cripple, it matters not. Just make it over.

They may spend their days like a rich man spends his money, but be frugal. Treat each hour like a beggar treats gold. Your time is your fortune; love it, embrace it, care for it like a newborn child.

Go after it.

If you do…

…they may die, but you will live forever.

Thank you so much for reading.

I’m Tom Curren — a writer, storyteller and entrepreneur from England. I publish a new short story in Chapter X every single day.

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