Okay. I’m going to unperform this. I’m going to start writing again, but it’s just going to come out as it is, not as it should be—a lesson I’m cycling on for life in general. I am as I am. If I should on myself I resent myself. If I should on myself I’m likely to should on others as well.

My first constraint for writing is simply to write for five minutes. When the timer is done, I’m done writing for that session.

My second constraint is to pick a word to write about that session. There’s too much in me currently, most of it pain, and choosing what to write and how to write and how to convey what I’m feeling would sabotage me into not writing. Which is what I’ve been doing. So I’m stopping that. Just one word. Go.

My second constraint is that I’m going to write everyday. No matter what for at least one month. Let’s see how this goes.

This is going to be Matthew the person, the emotionally charged, broken-lifed, mostly unfiltered man. The dad. The guy who works, but not the professional. If I write for work, I’m going to plop that somewhere else.

Okay, times up.

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