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Charged Particles Community Update #2

2021 is here, and we’ve been VERY busy at Charged Particles and have made a lot of progress since our last update in November. A very much delayed Happy New Year if you’re not in our discord :)


  • Our MainNet goes live on 17-February. We’re having a party.
  • Our Team has Grown.
  • Lepton NFTs go on sale next week
  • We closed our Seed Round.

Read on to find out more.

MainNet Launch Party in CryptoVoxels on 17-February

The Charged Particles launch event “The Big Bang” is a free event celebrating the roll-out of the Charged Particles Protocol and DApp on the Ethereum MainNet.

With NFT collection drops from eight featured artists, POAP tokens, giveaways, social tokens, limited edition Charged Particles NFTs, special announcements, and a live protocol demo, there is a lot to be excited about!

The event is hosted by our partners at Tokensmart and be held virtually in Discord and Cryptovoxels. You can listen in using Discord audio and join the fun ‘in person’ in Cryptovoxels where you’ll be able to see all of the featured art alongside the other participants in two gallery spaces curated by Richard Dixon.

Join this epic event to learn how you can make your NFTs more interest(ing).

RSVP and more details here:

Lepton NFT Drop

Next week, we’ll share more information about the “Lepton NFT Drop.”

NFTs stacked inside of NFTs to multiply rewards? You won’t want to miss it.

Charged Particles Genesis Art Drop

We’ve collaborated with a number of really awesome artists for our launch.

Our DApp goes live with a Minting Station and a Marketplace.

You can always mint your own NFT to charge, but if you’d prefer to purchase an NFT from one of these amazing artists, you’ll be able to easily do so in our marketplace.

Genesis Art Pieces will be charged with different Tokens. Get excited.

The Charged Particles Team is growing.

Please welcome new Charged Particles team members Mango and Eric as well as two new advisors Travis (DeFi Dad) and Leighton.

Eric Destaing — Full Stack Engineer. Neural networks enthusiast, beneficial A.I supporter and entrepreneur. Eric thrives on propulsing startups in the perfect spot by building solid foundations. With 10+ years of JS expertise and 2+ years in Fintech it made perfect sense to him to join forces with Rob one more time. Riding the crypto wave along an incredible team and shape himself into one of the best Web3 developers.

Mango Dogwood — Community Organizer. With international experience in art community development and bringing people together to create and express themselves, Mango hopes to facilitate unique connections between diverse and talented human beings that lead to new experiences, events, spaces, collectives, and art. Born in Maryland, defined in New York, and redefined in Shanghai, he hopes to bring the world closer together by encouraging inclusion and radical self-expression.

Travis (DeFi Dad) — Advisor. You know him as DeFi Dad and as the COO of Zapper.

Leighton Cusak — Advisor. Co-Founder and CEO of PoolTogether.

We’re still looking for additional Front End help. If you’re interested in supporting, please let us know!

Seed Round Funding

We’ve recently closed our Seed Round Funding with some really amazing VCs and Angel investors.

You’ll recognize most of the names and we’ll make a separate post on this.

Social Contests

Our community manager, Mango, has been absolutely killing it with community contests.

Our Holiday NFT Contest, A New Year Meme Contest… There’s a lot of chances to help spread the word and earn some $CHARGE in the process.

We have a lot more planned.

Follow us and get involved.

Charged Particles: Get Involved

Charged Particles is going live this month and we’re so excited.

Interested in getting involved? What are we looking for?

NFT Artists. Come on over and do a bit more with your NFTs. Deposit some social tokens, LP tokens, Aave aTokens — Get creative with Charged Particles. All the information you need can be found here!

Community help is always appreciated, and you can earn some CHARGE in the process. Specifically:

  • Awareness — blog posts, tweet-storms, videos, reviews, etc.
  • Connections — Prominent NFT Creators / Projects / Communities

Jump in our Discord and follow us on Twitter!



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