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Community Update — September 2021

As the weather in the northern hemisphere begins to cool, Charged Particles is only heating up. Between some truly incredible art drops, a new interview series, charity initiatives, an increasingly robust guild structure, and a growing team, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Art Drops

“Year of the 0x” by The Guild (left)); “Bird by Bird” by Dina Brodsky (right)

This month started off with an incredible offering coming from our good friends at The Guild. An additional/bonus offering attached to the Master Layer of their piece “Year of the 0x” on Async Art, this Golden edition comes with Board Ape Yacht Club #8559 nested inside. Read more here!

Then we partnered with Dina Brodsky to bring her Bird by Bird project to Charged Particles, a nested NFT with 36 nested paintings on Polygon. Over the next few weeks we’ll be making some announcements about this continued partnership in conjunction with our Charity Guild to launch Birds for Sofia.

“Interstellar Donut Lounge” by Bars and Melody (left); “The Deathless” by Anthony Azekwoh (right)

Next up we had the genesis drop from UK-based rap duo, Bars and Melody called “The Interstellar Donut Lounge” which has kick-started a long form Metaverse adventure and interactive narrative with their community. Some of the offerings here are just incredible and we believe will set a play book for musicians looking to onboard into crypto in the future.

Lastly, after the 1-minute sell out of his NFT collection on Nifty Gateway last week, Anthony Azekwoh has nested his entire collection “The Deathless” inside a single NFT. This collection is comprised of some of his most famous works including “The Red Man,” his globally recognized masterpiece. The piece will go on sale this week on Polygon!

Pass The Particle

NFT inside an NFT inside an NFT…

The first Russian Nested Doll NFT of its kind, the Pass The Particle community NFT creation experiment wrapped up this month culminating in a 2000 MATIC auction (more than $2500) of which 100% will be donated to Save The Children via The Giving Block. Read more about how 19 community members came together to do good with brand new NFT technology HERE.

Photon of the Month

One of the core values of our community is inclusion. We work to build a space that welcomes all and, more than that, goes to the effort to recognize people who are contributing to our shared vision. Lots of people are regularly going above and beyond and so each month we name one “Photon of the Month.” The previous month’s winner provides the names of three people they think have been crushing it and then the community casts their votes.

This month, that person is the one and only Ol’ Four Names (aka CybertoothK among three other names), co-founding member of Exo-Jump and The Gaming Guild, storyteller, artist extraordinaire, and all around great person! Responsible for a ton of original Charged Particles artwork, he inspires us with a vision to change the world of gaming using the Charged Particles protocol.

Each month the winer will be granted a special POTM NFT loaded with 1000 IONX tokens and will take on the responsibility of picking three community members to be voted on next month. This way we continue focusing not only on our own work, but the work of others around us and make an effort to uplift them!


The Charged Particles ecosystem is growing and with the recent edition of our Guild structure, we’re beginning to see a lot more focus on specific sectors, making it easier for new people to find collaborators working in similar sectors.

  • HMP Records continues the “NFTs for Musicians” series, having interviewed FutureBum, Beacon Bloom, and Bars and Melody. New interviews every other week on our Twitter.
  • Scott Ashby and Ryan Ferris helped facilitate the release of the NFT-integrated music video and sprawling Metaverse NFT project “The Interstellar Donut Lounge,” — Bars and Melody’s genesis NFT drop.
  • The Gaming Guild continues its works on Charged Particles-Native DeFi game, Exo-Jump which utilizes the nesting functionality to load move-sets into pilots that then board mechs that fight battles across the multiverse.
  • Through the native “Grandmother Grove” project, The Ecology Guild and Bars and Melody have already planted more than 500 trees
  • Partnership meetings and open forums about building regenerative projects kickstarted this month.
  • James McCall release his “Esto Perpetua” demoing new charity mechanics with Nested NFTs and DeFi Assets
  • The Pass The Particle auction raised 2000 MATIC for Save The Children

If you’ve been inspired and would like to help build, contribute, or develop projects in these areas or others, join us in our Discord server.

Team Member Spotlight:

Hannah Chin — Graphic Designer
Garret Gehle — QA Engineer

We’ve got some stellar new people joining the team this month who are fulfilling the roles of Graphic Designer and QA Engineer.

Our team continues to grow each month and we’ll be onboarding several more talented people over both October and November!

Welcome to the team Hannah and Garrett!

Developer Updates

This month we’ve been focusing on optimizing our core product. We’re currently changing the way we approach calling cache data, finishing up a beautiful new landing page as well as a drops page for upcoming partnerships, and working closely with the Rarible team on integration with the Rarible Protocol.

If you have any questions about our protocol, please feel free to jump into the development guild channel on our Discord server.


We announced a partnership with Lepricon, a hyper-casual DeFi and games platform that allows stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of DeFi in a gamified way. Built on Leprichain, Lepricon’s DeFi portal will offer a range of in-house and third-party activities, including a cross-chain bridge, staking and yield farming, casual games, a prediction platform, and a range of activities incorporating NFTs, all powered by the L3P token.

We’ve also got some really exciting partnerships in the works that we can’t announce just yet, so stay tuned!

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