LEPTON v2: Stackable Yield Multiplier NFTs

Ben Lakoff
Charged Particles
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4 min readApr 14, 2021


The Charged Particles Protocol enables any NFT to be “Energized” and transformed into a basket containing other ERC-20 tokens, even other NFTs.

Last month, we released a revolutionary new concept in limited supply called LEPTON NFTs. LEPTON NFTs are rare limited NFTs….that come with additional functionality: Boosted Yield Farming Rewards, giving its owner additional rewards earned when the Charged Particles Governance Token liquidity mining goes live.

Last week, at our Metaverse event we announced that you are now able to deposit a NFT inside of your NFT, a key milestone in enabling LEPTON v2 super powers.

We’ve taken this opportunity to make a few upgrades to the LEPTON NFT, and released the LEPTON v2.

If you purchased a LEPTON, you don’t have to do anything, you now have a LEPTON v2 in your wallet.

Upgrades to LEPTON v2 include:

  • Tau LEPTON Multiplier Increased to 5.1x. All other Amounts, Prices and Multipliers have stayed the same.
  • STACKING LEPTONS IS NOW ENABLED. If you own 4+ LEPTON v2s, add the top two multipliers (e.g. 7.4x Rewards = 5.1 [Tau] + 2.3 [Muon]). If you own all 6 LEPTONs, you get 10x Rewards.
  • Gas Savings when purchasing LEPTON v2. Purchasing 1 LEPTON v2 is ~23% of the current gas cost of purchasing a LEPTON v1. Gas costs are exponentially cheaper when purchasing 1+ LEPTON v2.
  • Transfer Events are now showing.
  • Original LEPTONs that were sold, will not have a function within the Charged Particles Ecosystem. Only the v2 version will function as a yield multiplier. It MUST have the v2 logo.

LEPTON v2 NFTs enable its owner to earn up to 10x the normal rewards during liquidity mining distribution (TBA) and there is no cap to the additional rewards earned with LEPTON NFTs.

Each LEPTON v2 is a standard ERC-721, non-custodial NFT that is able to be resold on popular secondary markets like OpenSea.


No Changes to Price, Quantity/Supply. Only the TAU Multiplier has been increased to 5.1x — and holding >4 Leptons allows stacking of multipliers.

There are 6 types of LEPTON v2 NFTs for sale, and only a total of 1733 LEPTON v2 available.

LEPTON v2 are available today, here: https://app.charged.fi/go/leptons/ (Please beware of scams)

There are 6 different tiers of LEPTON v2. The bottom tier (Electron Neutrinos) is completely sold out. Available tiers are starting at 0.9 ETH with a 1.3x multiplier and going up to a 5.1x multiplier.

With LEPTON v2, you are able to stack your LEPTONs. Own at least 4 LEPTON v2s and you are able to add the top 2 LEPTON v2s’ multipliers together. This is a max (combined) multiplier of 7.4x and min multiplier of 3.3x.

Own all 6 LEPTON v2s and your multiplier is 10x the rewards.

These boosted rewards by LEPTON v2 NFT holders have no limit, you will earn boosted rewards as long as you’re holding the NFT.

There will only be a MAX total of 1733 LEPTON v2 in existence and no more will ever be minted.

The proceeds from the LEPTON Sale will go to the Charged Particles Community DAO Treasury. These DAO funds will be deployed to support the protocol’s growth via voting with the governance token.

Charged Particles Governance Token: Liquidity Mining

At Charged Particles, we believe in Progressive Decentralization and will launch our governance token in the future.

When launched, the majority of the Charged Particles governance tokens’ allocation will be allocated to the community and will be distributed via liquidity mining / yield farming programs to help encourage use of the Charged Particles platform.

We envision a world where key Charged Particles Protocol decisions are decided by its governance token holders, and these governance token holders vote to control various core functionalities of the protocol.

The details on the Liquidity Mining Program as well as the Charged Particles Protocol Governance token will be announced in the coming weeks.

There currently is no governance token for Charged Particles and we will announce more information before the launch — Please beware of scams.

About Charged Particles

Charged Particles was started in late 2019 to combine NFTs and DeFi in a novel new way.

Charged Particles allows users to “Do more with their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)” offering near-infinite flexibility and creativity within this growing space.

With Charged Particles, any NFT can be transformed into a basket containing other ERC-20 tokens, even other NFTs. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT, and through an integration with Aave’s aTokens, programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away.

Charged Particles is backed by top web3 investors in the space, and the Protocol & DApp went live on MainNet on 17-Feb.

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