Phygital, Augmented Reality, DeFi-embedded NFTs

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You’ve never seen digital assets quite like these before.

LEFT: Sonic Melt by Alana Tashjian. RIGHT: Charged Mountains by Soundwaves Photon

After Charged Particles went live on Polygon, the doors to a massive set of new use-cases were blown wide open, and two artists have pushed the boundaries of what we knew was possible in the world of blockchain-native, digital assets.

With the help of our partners at NFTags, artists Alana Tashjian and Soundwaves Photon have made two collections of NFTs that we’re sure will blow your mind — and one of these collections just sold out.

Twenty works of art in the ‘Charged Mountains’ collection by Soundwaves Photon have just sold out for a total of 7 ETH, 15500 MATIC, or today’s equivalent of about 14k US Dollars, making him the first featured artist to sell out on the Polygon side of the Charged Particles Marketplace — and he did so in about three weeks.

These pieces, having been sold, however, are certainly not at the end of their life. With plans to embed these mountains with utility tokens that, when released from the work and burned, allow the owner to claim the 1/1 physical print, which is itself embedded with a microchip and fully functional AR display, these NFTs, along with Alana’s, are truly unique offerings that the space just hasn’t seen before.

To get a better idea of how mind-blowing this stuff is, check out this video:

So to recap — physical works of art that can display AR animations in real time, embedded with microchips that link to the NFTs, which can hold utility tokens, interest-bearing assets, and even other NFTs inside them.

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Soundwaves Photon (SOLD OUT)
Alana Tashjian

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