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Danil Pan
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4 min readMay 20, 2022


Creating Blockchain-powered NFT games can be a difficult undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be! CybertoothKat, Gaming Guild Leader, has proven this by creating free-to-play games with Charged Particles; Following the successes of ‘Lunar Landing’ and ‘Ultimate Trash Panda’, Cybertooth wanted to continue the fun with another free, competitive PvP game built on Charged Particles and Polygon!

Enter Rogues & Ronin!

A free-to-play PVP game built on Charged Particles and Polygon

Rogues & Ronin is structured in a bracket much like teams in a sports league with a single winner to be crowned. Not only will the winner receive a prize pool of $IONX and NFTs, but we’ll finally answer the age-old question: Are Ninjas or Pirates better? Let’s dive into the mechanics and overview of the game with Cybertooth himself!

Premise: I wanted to design a game that made good use of the Charged particles marketplace and features, with rounds of PvP gameplay and a broad player base. This was achieved by crafting a “pirates vs ninjas” card deck, minting each card in the deck as 1/1 NFTs, and developing a bracket system where each bracket has slightly different rules for how to win, based primarily on the dealing of random weapons to each player, per round, which gave either boosts or detriment to the player’s initial power base.

A few examples of the beautifully illustrated champions

Rounds: In each round the number of players was roughly halved. R&R began with 32 players. Players were allowed to pick their slot in the very first bracket. Then, weapons were dealt by random lottery. The payers took agency by choosing their bracket slot and also by trading weapons amongst each other at will. Ultimately, they were required to nest their weapon for each round into their player card before the actual PvP combat was revealed and decided. Winners from each round advanced to the next round and a “winner” NFT was nested into their player card to create a thread of how well each player card did in the overall tournament.

The final round has 3 players in it. They will use the culmination of the powers of their weapons from past rounds in addition to a “chance” element. The final winner will receive 500 IONX and a Winner NFT.

By nesting both the weapons and the winner awards NFTs into the player’s game cards, these player cards ultimately serve not only as the player’s identity (or champion) in the game, but also as a nested record of how well that particular champion fared over the course of several rounds of game-based combat.

The NFT card deck for Rogues & Ronin contained 54 NFT cards, like a standard poker deck. Two of the suites were pirate based and two of the suites were ninja based. The ace cards were reserved as a chance component in round two and the joker cards were reserved as a chance component in round 3. That allowed for 48 players in the game (24 pirate, 24 ninja), of which we easily found 32. 24 ninja-based player cards with a custom illustrated champion on it 24 pirate-based player cards with a custom illustrated champion on it 4 ace cards utilized as a chance element 2 joker cards, with a depiction of an illustrated shogun head or a commodore head on it, acting as a sudden death element (these were dealt as consolation prizes to the suddenly-dead players with 15 IONX nested within) Dozens of custom illustrated weapons And “winner” award NFTs dealt to winners, per round.

Outcome: A winner has been declared! Ninjas came back from an 8/3 deficit and headed into round two to win the whole thing! The final showdown was between not 2 but 3 warriors: GTKunal (Ninja), TREX (Pirate), and Scholar of Donnard (Pirate). After an impressive battle, GTKunal emerged victorious proving once and for all that Ninjas are superior! Congratulations GTKunal!

Closing thoughts: We love to see the engagement and activity that CybertoothKat’s games bring and we can’t wait to see (and play) all of the games to come. But, the game won’t just end; The game can be played again, with new weapons and/or new rules applied. Pre-existing players can simply play again with their existing champion NFTs. Or, they can trade/sell their card to others. There are also some unused player cards available, which can be offered to usher in new players when we play Rogues & Ronin ver 2.0 — The legend lives on!

These community games are open to anyone and everyone; They’re also incredibly low on transaction costs due to being on Polygon! Join the fun in the Gaming Guild of our Discord! Also, there are whispers of a new game already in the works! Stay tuned!